Polysics live at The Roxy Theare

Polysics live at The Roxy Theare

Polysics escaped from Japan and proceeded on a musical rampage localized to Hollywood’s own Roxy Theatre on Saturday. Venue patrons could be seen stumbling out from the show, as it seemed as though they had been somehow hypnotized to dance to the point of exhaustion. How the Polysics got away with this act remains a mystery but reports say that it culminates from a percise mixture of punk, electronic, dance, new wave and with an obvious tip of the hat to Devo.

After a welcoming performance by local Los Angeles band, IO Echo, the Tokyo based Polysics began their takeover. I watched as their fans went from kicking back on the sidelines to dancing like there was no tomorrow and wondered to myself why this band wasn’t playing more sold out shows. I knew even before the show that they had a good thing going with fans dressing up in the signature Polysics costume. Some fans even decided to dress as their favorite Pokemon character, making it a colorful fun crowd which matched the colorful fun performance.

Polysics' lead singer, Hayashi

I couldn’t help but laugh along with everyone as the singer jumped around the stage singing their own rendition of “My Sharona”. They took a classic 80′s pop tune and morphed into something that was all their own. I never thought that song could ever rock that hard and evolve into something quite so complex. Front man Hayashi gave that and all other songs of the night so much energy that we give him a well earned “Sweatiest Man of the Year” award. Even his sunglasses appeared to be sweating.

Unless you are in a coma, I can assure you that you will be entertained by the Polysics’ live show. Do go see them before they really do blow up and sell out venues like they very well should be.

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