On the eve of Thanksgiving, Flash Flood Media hit the road along with what seemed like the entire population of Southern California. Unlike other drivers, we weren’t fighting traffic to get to family, but I guess you could say we were out to see loved ones… meaning bands that we love. The Birthday Massacre, Tub Ring and Creature Feature got together for one hell of a show at The Key Club.

Tub Ring Live @ The Key Club. Photo by Alyssa Tucker.

Tub Ring live @ The Key Club LA

We entered the Key Club and immediately spotted the guys from Tub Ring enjoying drinks by one of the many bars the venue has to offer. Together we all sought out a quiet place suitable for our interview. A dark stairway would have to do… In between loud nearby chatter and people walking up and down our cozy staircase, I believe we got some questions in. (to listen to an audio podcast of the interview, scroll down)

Flash Flood Media (Alyssa): Alright. First off we are very excited to have you back in L.A., what kept you away for so long?

Kevin: The west coast is hard for us to get out to just because California is really great, Seattle is great a bunch of places on the West Coast themselves are good but there is this wasteland in the middle of the country that, nothing against the wasteland and people living there if they’re reading this but it’s tough because the drives become like 10 hours between cities and 8 hours which costs a lot of money. So unlike other things where you can just hop and do some quick shows it’s really tough to get out here so we really have to plan it for a while.

FFM: Booking can be hard I hear.

Rob: We tried to a couple times and got botched attempts at making it out here so yeah, I don’t think it will take that long again.

Trevor: Especially with gas prices the way they are. That was another huge factor

Rob: I’m sure next year we’ll be here a few times

FFM: How is the tour going so far? Any interesting stories to tell yet?

Kevin: Trevor drank his own pee the other night and then kissed a girl.

Trevor: First night of the tour man, I drank piss. Before we went to the show, I was that drink already. Drank some pee… yeah.

Kevin: That was the time though he knew to make out with a girl after he drank pee and it worked.

FFM: Did she know that?

Trevor: Oh no no no. That’s the idea, she’s not supposed to know.

FFM: Is there a band that you guys prefer to tour with the most that’s like the most fun?

Kevin: We’re back together with Creature Feature and we had a blaast the last time we were on tour with them so they’re definitely on the list. Obviously the MSI shows are always good. Birthday Massacre we just got to play with a few dates and they’re great so we’re really excited about this. There’s lots of bands we have fun with.

Rob: But these are probably the funnest though right here. Creature Feature and The Birthday Massacre.

FFM: Ok, I have to admit that I cheated and read the Blog of Answers to do my homework so I heard that one question you guys would like to hear more is about your favorite TV shows..

Trevor: I think I put on there, I answered just come talk to me about it.

Rob: Yeah, I can throw down some TV talk so can Kevin. Is there something specific you want to know about?

FFM: No, I just thought I’d throw it out there.

Rob: I probably watch. I would say I think I watch about 4 to 6 hours of TV a day.

Kevin: Do you have a favorite show right now? [to Rob]

Rob: I can rattle off a bunch .I can’t say a favorite.

Kevin: I can name one maybe two favorites. I’m a big Dexter fan and I know Rob is too so we both love that.

FFM: I just ran through the series. Well, seasons 1 and 2.

Kevin: It’s a lot of fun. We missed the last show cause we’ve been on the road.

Rob: We’ll probably catch it tomorrow at some point. Sunday nights ya got Dexter, Brotherhood, Rock of Love, Charm School. Monday nights ya got Heroes uh Wednesday Top Chef. I’m a huge Survivor fan.

Kevin: Tuesday Fringe. Been enjoying that.

Rob: I haven’t seen Fringe yet.

Trevor: Thursday The Office.

Rob: Thursday The Office, 30 Rock, Lost when it’s back on, obviously. Ah boy.. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Umm, and many many more.

FFM (Francis): So you can actually keep up with Heroes?

Rob: That’s not high on my list of favorites but I watch it.

Kevin: Pushing Daisies unfortunetly is gonna be cancelled.

Rob: That’s a great show. Heroes actually is not a great show. I would never recommend it but I do watch it.

Kevin: Bryan Fuller, he wrote the first season of Heroes and he left to go do Pushing Daisies and he said now that it’s cancelled he’s gonna go back to Heroes.

FFM (Francis): Ya know they fired Jeph Loeb and one of the big writers.

Rob: It’s one of those things where it’s not really ever very good but like you’re invested cause you’ve watched like 6 weeks of it and it’s like there’s only a few more to go and you find out what happens. And every season they trick you into watching it again like cool trailers like “This season is gonna be all about the villians!” ya know and it kinda is I guess but yeah. That’s not a good show and I don’t endorse it but I do watch it.

FFM: Another thing I noticed in the blog is that Trevor wants to talk about how awesome Caddyshack, Scent of a Woman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are.

Trevor: Is there a problem with that?

FFM: [laughter] no.

Trevor: I speak the truth. I think those films speak for themselves. Our merch guy and I are both big fans of the scent of a woman soundtrack. We got real high one night in his garage and he painted while we listened to that soundtrack over and over and over.

Kevin: I can vouch for Trevor talking about those 3 movies all the time.

Trevor: Did you hear they’re talking about doing another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

FFM (Francis): Really?

Trevor: Like live action and the way Batman is really dark. I’m excited about that.

FFM (Francis): As long as they don’t make the Turtles sound like death metal singers.

Trevor: I think they need to get Cory Feldmen back on.

FFM: I know you guys enjoy playing things like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Do you have a favorite song you like to thrash out to?

Kevin: You know what? The member of the band that was a huge Guitar Hero fan is out of the band now so screw that game!

Trevor: AA. Checked into AA.

Rob: We have a new drummer stand in for like two weeks and the old drummer was a big Guitar Hero guy. He was awesome at it. He still is awesome at it but he’s not in the band anymore.

Kevin: I’m not a big video game person.

Rob: I’ve never been really that big on guitar hero, personally.

FFM: I just noticed that I saw you guys playing Guitar Hero last time you guys were here in your van.

Kevin: That was like when it first came out. I remember that tour.

Rob: That was like before other people liked it. So we were like the only ones.

FFM: [jokingly] You guys made me buy it.

FFM: Next question is for Rob. How did you get into scoring film?

Rob: How did I get into it? Um, by conning somebody to give me money to score their film. Haha. No, it’s kinda like I really wanted to do that and when I’m not touring and eventually that’s kind of like my goal is to do that full time with my life. So, um I do a couple a year now and hopefully later I’ll do one every month and that will be awesome.

FFM: What would you say inspired you guys to get into music?

Kevin: Back in highschool and everything I was always into variety shows and musical stuff like that. I just loved performing and music, it might sound lame but music is important and it moves me so that seemed the logical thing to get into.

Rob: Yeah, other music helped me. So other music.

FFM: Out of the popular artists that you’d hear today on the radio or MTV, is there one that you’ll admit that you really like right now?

FFM Francis: Guilty pleasures?

Rob: Tons of em. Like popular stuff?

FFM: Yeah, like other people might not admit that they like.

Rob: Oh! Um, I dunno about that.

Kevin: Who is big right now?

FFM: I dunno I’m thinking like Paramore or Fall Out Boy.

Kevin: I actually have a little speach on that. The stuff that’s popular on the radio goes through phases and every now and then there will be a phase that I just can’t fucking stand like the 3rd generation Pearl Jam bands like Creed and Puddle of Mudd and all that. I want to fucking kill myself when that comes on. And no offense towards them I just can’t listen to that. I’m not really sure what’s coming out now, I think the last big thing was like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance so we’re kinda doing intricate yet poppy stuff and I thought that was pretty good. I really liked how they would orchestrate their music so I had no beef against any of that. I really appriciated a lot of that. Just in general was not so much of that that I listen to just for no reason I just know what I like and it usually tends to not always be on the radio.

Rob: Yeah, I like the stuff that’s on the radio. I don’t love it.

Kevin: What’s with the current theme. Any ideas?

Trevor: It’s kind of a rock and roll one. There’s some death metal stuff ya got crash in your face rock that’s coming back, which is cool.

Rob: I think her question was more like do you like the Britney Spearsy R&B stuff.

FFM: It’s more about the current rock trends.

Kevin: I think current rock is going in a new direction. Even like Panic at the Disco and stuff, they put a lot into their music which I respect. I think sometimes people are quick to be like “That’s bullshit!” just because it’s popular but they’re actually doing good stuff.

FFM (Francis): I noticed there is stuff coming back like AC/DC had a number one album which we hadn’t even heard of, Metallica of course.

Kevin: I was curious about that at first but the hipsters have embraced AC/DC…

Francis: With Guitar Hero and the like.

Kevin: I’m big into electronic stuff and DJ’s and techno. Like every DJ I’ve gone to see lately mixes in Thunderstruck somewhere so.. and it works well.

FFM: Are there any ideas floating around for music videos?

Rob: Well we gotta write our new album before we worry about that.

FFM: I thought I’d heard something about it.

Rob: We’re trying to write another album and maybe we’ll make a video for one of those songs but yeah, we gotta do the music part first.

Kevin: This might answer a future question but we’re engrossed in writing the new album right now. It’s kinda what we’re focusing on but right now there’s a lot of balls in the air and just we’ll know where they drop and we can start focusing on images and what we’ll do for the video.

FFM: I heard you guys might be puttin gout a DVD. Anything we can expect on that?

Rob: We’re putting out a DVD?

We’re still filming for that. Actually we need to get our camera. We’re always filming stuff. It’s just a matter getting enough stupid footage and grossed out footage put together like piss drinking and shitting or whatever.

FFM: That better be on it.

Well, actually there is. Last time we were with Creature Feature there’s gonna be a really good clip on the next DVD. Curtis narrates me and some urinating and some hot dogs. That’s all I’ll say.

FFM: And finally, I know you were supposed to have Thanksgiving with my friend. What are you guys gonna do now? Since you’re stuck in California.

Rob: Probably not having Thanksgiving with your friend anymore…

Trevor: You’re Jennifer’s friend?? Yeah, a couple people offerend and we were hanging out with this kid named Drew.. I think Kevin’s planning on staying up all night and getting shitfaced.

The night before Halloween and we have tomorrow off so…

Trevor: and then cook Thanksgiving dinner and get shitfaced.

Rob: Did you say “the night before Halloween”??

Thanksgiving! I’m not even drinking yet.

Trevor: I dunno what we’re doing tomorrow.

Rob: I’ll go hang out with Jennifer.

We usually play everything by ear. We don’t know what we’re doin until about 10 minutes till we’re doin it. And it tends to work out that way.

Trevor: Don’t be surprised if you see us playing half naked asking for change in a ditch somewhere far away from here tomorrow. Keep an eye out for us. Begging for Turkey.

So do you crash at fan’s houses a lot?

Trevor: All the time.

Rob: Pretty much that’s all we do.

Trevor: We’ll probably crash at one of your houses tonight.

FFM: I’m going outta town. I’ll give you keys to my apartment and you can just go.

Rob: Better watch what you say.

A dork among rockers.

A Dork among rockers


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