Last Friday theSTART returned to the Troubadour in West Hollywood with opening acts The Bathroom Murders, The Ringers, and DJ Kevin Michael. I unfortunetly missed The Bathroom Murders and arrived during The Ringers’ set. As soon as I walked into the venue their singer, Joe Hursley, was hanging from the stage singing directly to me. I stood there and smiled. I continued to watch with curiosity as he moved all over the stage and the venue getting the crowd pumped. Their music reminded me of The Strokes but infused with good old punk rock.

I hadn’t been to The Troubadour in ages and I remember the first time I ever went there was to see theSTART in 2001. It was the first time I had ever seen theSTART and I fell in love with them. Of course they’ve gone through drummers and bassists since then but my love for them has still grown. This was like a homecoming for us all. They had asked fans to bring back the good old days where we all wore ties to their shows. A few of us did and we swung them around during “Shakedown!” Along with that old favorite, they played “Hang On Me” and of course, “Gorgeous”. Their set ended with Chelsea Davis toppling over after smashing the hell out of her drums.

Below is video of theSTART playing “The 1234″ shot by our friend Johnny

theSTART – “The 1234″ from jnerebel on Vimeo. You can see even more of his videos on his myspace:

We have even more of theSTART to look forward to in March. They will be playing with Roxy Epoxy and her new band Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound. Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound’s debut album Band-Aids For Bullet Holes will be released via Metropolis Records on March 10, 2009.

Roxy Epoxy on MySpace:

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