2009 is shaping up to be a great year for music. I’m very much looking forward to the release of Depeche Mode’s upcoming album, Sounds of the Universe as well as their international tour. Then there’s also No Doubt’s reunion tour with Paramore that is getting everyone excited.


Two albums dropped today both courtesy of Metropolis records. One of them being Julien-K’s debut album Death to Analog. This album has many of the components that I look for in a really good remix album without actually being a remix album, which only makes me more excited to hear more remixes. The album gets you pumped from it’s intro of title track “Death to Analog” and keeps you going with tracks like “Kick the Bass” before switching you to a more mellow dark feel with “System de Sexe”. “Forever” grabs you with it’s passionate lyrics of love and longing and “Sprial” lifts you up with it’s catchy lyrics and playful bass line. The album also features a electronic cover of Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never”.


If more gritty punk infused synth music suits your fancy then today is also the release of Roxy Epoxy and The Rebound’s album Band-Aids on Bullet Holes. While I was sad to hear about the breakup of The Epoxies, I was happy to find that Roxy is pushing forward in her musical career with a new backing band, The Rebound. She has a strong voice that reels you into her lyrics and talent that won’t stop due to a band split. Roxy Epoxy’s thoughts:

“I think I am most proud of ‘Dependence Leads Your Fortune’,” she says. “I just feel it’s the strongest song I’ve written so far… I’ve only been writing and performing music since late 2000.”

Roxy Epoxy and The Rebound are currently on tour with theSTART and The Action Design. We plan on catching them tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. It’s a show that simply can’t be missed.

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