Best Dude of the night and the real Dude, Jeff Dowd

Best Dude of the night and the real Dude, Jeff Dowd

Last Friday was the wrap up of the two-day annual event known only as Lebowski Fest. The day before, loyal fans of the cult classic Coen brother’s film, The Big Lebowski gathered at the Wiltern in Los Angeles for a viewing of the film and Friday they regrouped for a bowling party at Cal Bowl in Lakewood, CA complete with White Russians.

Dude contest winner with Flash Flood Media's Brian Jones

Dude contest winner with Flash Flood Media's Brian Jones

Lined up all around the bowling alley, waiting to get in and get the party started stood many Dudes, Maudes, Walters, Nihilists, and even rugs. The diners at neighboring M&M Soul Food were both confused and amused by the sight on the sidewalk. The wait was longer than expected as someone seemed to forget to inform the regular and league bowlers that a party was scheduled for 9pm that night. Organization seemed to be a slight downfall of the event as that put everything off schedule. The bowling alley sound system also proved to be practically useless as we struggled to hear the Emcee and anyone else who grabbed the mic like the real Dude, Jeff Dowd who made a speech that seemed to be about taking it easy. Aside from Jeff Dowd, many people who had small parts in the movie were in attendance chatting with fans and playing a few frames.

Fellow dude celebrating with Jeff Dowd

Fellow Dude celebrating with Jeff Dowd

Viking Maude and Dude

Viking Maude w/ porn Dude

Among the events of the evening was a costume contest where the best Dude, Maude, Walter and Jesus won for their categories. Aside from the scheduled contests, everyone enjoyed bowling and drinking White Russians, which could have been stronger and less milky but how often do you get to drink White Russians surrounded by Dudes in robes at a bowling alley? It couldn’t be passed up.

To see more pictures of the event check out our Lebowski Fest 2009 set on Flickr

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