Last Tuesday I saw Julien-K again. I know we cover them a lot on this site but this is because they are well worth all the praise. They put on a free show at Slidebar in Fullerton. It was a very intimate little show that Ryan dubbed as “Julien-K unplugged” and mentioned that it was a treat for those fans who heard about the show and were able to make it. “Unplugged” or not they still brought the house down with an amazing set.

Elias and Brandon of Julien-K

Elias and Brandon of Julien-K

Set list: Death to Analog, Futura, Someday, Kick the Bass, System de Sexe, Spiral, Technical Difficulties.

So it was a short yet sweet show.

Nath Walczak, singer of The Delta Fiasco

Nath Walczak, singer of The Delta Fiasco

I have to give mention to The Delta Fiasco, who opened that night. I could tell just by their sound check that they would be the kind of band I would enjoy and I think almost any fan of Julien-K would have respect for their music. After their set I think I was kinda blind and deaf. They were really loud, but I think that’s partly due to the Slidebar’s sound system. Stobe lights continually flickered and bounced off of the fog. Thankfully, I’m not prone to seizures.

Do yourself a favor and check out their MySpace for music and video

For more pictures from the show please head over to our picture section or check out our set on Flickr.

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