I dubbed last week “Fischerspooner” week as I had the privilege of seeing them on Thursday at House of Blues, Anaheim and on Saturday at The Avalon in Hollywood. I just couldn’t pass up going to both since the last time they did a live show around here was 5 years ago with the release of their album ‘Odyssey’. It was a much anticipated return for their California fans, perhaps besides the ones who were lucky to see them DJ a while back.

The opening band, Ssion got the crowd going and made me a new fan. I can only best describe them as gay and I mean that in the best way possible. Singer Cody Critcheloe, flamboyantly moved about the stage singing in a high pitched, often girly voice to instrumentals often reminiscent of what was so good about Michael Jackson’s music from the 80′s. Halfway through their set a very posh looking lipstick lesbian made her way to the podium to sing a song celebrating how amazing it is to be a woman. I enjoyed their cover of Iggy Pop’s “Nightclubbing” as that is my favorite Iggy Pop song. Cody seemed to enjoy that at least one person at the Hollywood show knew the music from the Godfather of Punk. Later he plopped himself down in front of me and requested that I “sing” to one of his own songs. I didn’t know the words but soon found that all I had to do was scream into a microphone. Not so hard. I like it when bands reach out to their audience in general, it was just an added bonus to be personally reached out to like that.


I never thought I’d have a song called “Street Jizz” stuck in my head. They use that song as an upbeat finale. In Hollywood, Fischerspooner and their dancers surprised us all by joining Ssion on stage during “Street Jizz” and the audience went crazy. Casey Spooner laughed and told us he’d see us all in an hour and a half. It didn’t take quite that long for Fischerspooner to come back out but it sure felt like a while as anticipation was growing by the second.


Fischerspooner Dancer

Soon the sounds of the song “Amuse Bouche” filled the theatre and frontman Casey Spooner appeared with the hat from the album cover in hand. Dancers elegantly floated about the stage, changing costumes between songs as if performing a new act of a play. As per any band, the audience was most excited to hear their old favorites from the first album. They started in with “Emerge” before Casey had Warren Fischer, who was orchestrating the night from his DJ console, stop the song. Casey then asked the crowd “Really? You really want to hear this song? It’s so old! It’s so 2000!” of course we did! We also wanted to hear “Sweetness” and “Never Win” and basically any song the performance art, electro-clash pioneers had created a music video for. After pleasing their audience both musically and visually, Casey, Warren and the troop of dancers took a bow. Warren scampered back on stage to announce the after party DJ set they were doing at another club, encouraging everyone to come and dance some more. This gave fans a chance to get more time with Fischerspooner, have vinyl records signed and just prolong their entertainment for the night.

For more of my pictures from the show please check out my set on Flickr

To hear Ssion, check out their MySpace page

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