ComicConAs per every year, I plan on attending the annual San Diego Comic-Con this month. We plan on live blogging and Twittering from the convention starting on preview night, July 22nd. That’s right, we have a Twitter account! Feel free to follow us:

For those not in the know, Comic-Con is an annual convention held in San Diego every July. Once upon a time it was strongly focused on comic books but over the years it has evolved into a full media frenzy where everything relating to comics, movies, anime, television and video games is there for our viewing. Comic-Con goers are able to get the inside scoop as to what’s going on in these industries as well as what’s to come, often straight from the source too. With star studded panels of with actors, directors, authors, comedians, and those that help create the entertainment we seek daily, there is usually something for everyone at Comic-Con.

Sadly though, it appears that this year’s event has sold out but for those who already got their tickets, they have just released programming schedules for Thursday and Friday July 23rd and 24th. View the programming schedule here

Personally I’m looking forward to seeing everything that Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has to offer which includes Tim & Eric’s Awesomecon and live performance. Panels I’m looking forward to are the Tim Burton Panel and the Dexter panel. Still deciding on what else is a must see but it’s all looking good! Stay tuned for more Comic-Con updates!

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