Rob McElhenny aka "Mac"

Along with interviewing Kaitlin Olson, we also got a chance to speak to her costars Rob McElhenny and Glenn Howerton from the FX comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia while at Comic-Con.

We were a little disappointed to find out that there was going to be no Sunny panel at the convention this year but hopefully this interview will help ease the pain for those that felt they were lacking their much needed dose of the comedy gang. If it still doesn’t fill that void, the new season is just around the corner.

Listen to or read the interview below. I highly suggest you listen to it as some of the comedy gets lost in translation in it’s written form.

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Rob: Not doing a panel this year.

FFM (Brian): Yeah, we were a little surprised about that.

Rob: Me too. I was bummed. I was bummed. Especially after the reception that we got last year, which we were not expecting. Over 4,000 people came to see the episode and the people at Comic-Con were just sort of, I dunno.

FFM (Alyssa): I just assumed that there would be a panel. I was like “Oh they’re here! Oh cool!”

Rob: Me too! We were like really excited. We had it on the calender. This was the episode we’re gonna have ready and they said “Nah. We’ll put you in a different building” or something and we were like “Ok, wow..” I don’t understand.

FFM (Brian): We’re kinda used to that too. We get pushed aside a little bit. You guys are huge though! You should be runnin the place by now. You should have your own con.

Rob: THANK you. Tell them that.

FFM (Alyssa): So you guys have signed on for quite a few seasons now with FX. How would you say that Comic-Con effects the success of Sunny?

Rob: Well, I feel like we have- Like this is our fanbase. This is our fanbase you know like young. And what we really realized was that we’re not a traditional, I think, we’re certainly not a traditional sitcom and we certainly don’t have traditional fans. I don’t think it’s mainstream. I don’t think it will ever be mainstream. Um, and therefore our fans are young and technologically savvy and I feel like, obviously, the audience here is the same and I feel like there is a lot of crossover and a lot of appeal that I think, amongst the other shows and other movies and things like that and Sunny. So, I feel like Comic-Con really to me, from a comedic standpoint, brings it all together.

FFM (Brian): Yeah, cause I gotta tell you when she first told me about the show, I had to idea about it. I ended up having to download most of the episodes cause I couldn’t find where to buy them from, nobody had heard about it. It was like so rare to find.

Rob: Where were you going that they’d never heard about it?

FFM (Brian): Oh no just like in the beginning. I was trying to ask my friends if they heard about the show.

Rob: It took us a long time. And really, the reason it happened was because people were telling eachother and going out and getting the DVDs and then Hulu. I think Hulu was really what blasted us out because what we found was, like I was saying before, our audience is difficult to track through Neilson because they’re not watching it at home on FX at 10 ‘o clock, they’re just not. And Hulu was a good barometer because it showed that we were always in the top five most viewed shows up with The Office, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live and Family Guy. So that shows me that our audience is very specifically watching it on Hulu, watching it online, watching the DVD’s. So sometimes that’s difficult to gauge.

FFM (Brian): Do you find that kind of impacts the way just in general shows are approached by networks.

Rob: Yeah, the difficult thing and the challenge that they have is how to really quantify that and how to make money off of it. Because if people are just passing it around to eachother for free, nobody’s paying for it. Then we can’t continue to make the show.

FFM (Alyssa): I know a lot of those shows on Hulu are now making episodes strictly for web or doing web content. Are you doing anything like that?

Rob: Yeah, I mean unfortunately we don’t have the time because we’re focused all on Sunny but we do little shorts and little things here and there that we release. In terms of doing it full time, we just literally do not have the time and there’s not really any money in it so we can’t make a living doing it so it’s kind of hard to focus on.

FFM (Brian): Well if I can suggest a shoot if you do it. One of my favorite gags was when Charlie wrote notes for Nightman and they showed a clip of it real quick of them looking at it and it was just a weird mix of heiroglyphics and pictures. I was thinking you could write a comic book in that style and just do a one shot.

Rob: We were actually, we were approached by Marvel and DC to make an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia comic book, which I always thought would be really funny and really interesting. But again, we just wish we had the time to really devote to something like that because it could be really really funny.

FFM (Alyssa): Speaking of Nightman, you guys did that show at the Troubadour. Since that was so successful, do you think you’re going to do other live shows?

Rob: Yeah, we’re actually going out on tour. Livenation approached us to go on tour with it. So we’re doing um six cities. New York, we’re playing at the Beacon theatre. Philly, Boston, LA, Seattle and San Francisco.

[at this point their PR rep says that Glenn is now joining the interview and Glenn sits down]

Glenn (Dennis) and Rob (Mac)

Glenn (Dennis) and Rob (Mac)

Glenn Howerton: Yeaah!! What’s up buddy?

Rob: Oh yeah! Let’s spend more time together [I sense sarcasm]

Glenn: Yeah, bro!

Rob: What’s at the bottom of that [pointing to the mass at the bottom of Glenn's Starbucks coffee]

Glenn: Uhhh. Yeah…

Rob: Gross! What is that?! Mold?

Glenn: Sometimes that happens with soy milk.

FFM (Brian): It eats through the plastic? I dunno if that’s healthy.

Rob: Aw, That’s not plastic is it? Aw man.

Glenn: I think that’s marshmallow.

Rob: Marshmallow?!

FFM (Alyssa): Is any of it coffee?

Glenn: I to choose to believe that it’s marshmallow.

Rob: Marshmallow at the bottom of your cup?

Glenn: Yeah!

Rob: Oh ok.

Glenn: Marshmallows.

Rob: Or not.

[getting back to the interview]

FFM (Alyssa): So we’re talking about the tour of Nightman.

Rob: Nightman Cometh!

Glenn: The Nightman Cometh all over the place.

Rob: The Beacon Theatre! how cool is that?

Glenn: You know what we should call the tour? The Nightman Cometh All Over America.

Rob: That’s good. I think that’s pretty good.

FFM (Alyssa): I like it.

Glenn: The Nightman Cometh All Over the east coast and then he cometh all over… All over the face of the east coast.

FFM (Brian): You guys can team up with GWAR, who played the other night.

Glenn and Rob: GWAR?!

Rob: Those guys are still around?

Glenn: It can’t be the same members though is it?

FFM (Brian): Yeah.

Rob: What are those guys doin?

FFM (Brian): They were promoting a video game that was coming out so they had a free concert for it.

Rob: Fuck yeah they were!

Glenn: GWAR five point o? Um… GWAR!

Rob: Yeah.

Glenn: What do they sing about?

Rob: Death!

FFM (Brian): I’m not sure but it involved a lot of prosthetics.

FFM (Alyssa): Rape.

Rob: haha Rape!

FFM (Brian): Yeah, prosthetics, rape and fluids hitting the crowd so..

Rob: So the same stuff we deal with [on the show]

FFM (Brian): Pretty much, yeah.

[getting back to the interview again]

Rob: Uh, so Livenation wanted us to do 30 cities and we were like.. uhhh.

Glenn: How bout 3?

Rob: Yeah, we can’t do that. So we came up with 6 and we can get the whole east coast and the whole west coast. Where do you guys live?

FFM: Los Angeles.

Rob: So you guys gotta come to the Palladium.

FFM: We tried going to the first show.

Rob: But Palladium seats 4,000 so you gotta.

FFM (Alyssa): I think you guys prepared more this time for a bigger crowd then.

Rob: Yeah. We had NO idea it was going to be that big that fast. It sold out quick.

Glenn: It was insane. I have never seen anything like that. When we came out on stage I was like this is-

Rob: .. some Beatles shit.

Glenn: Yeah!

Rob: on the season 5 DVD we have a behind the scenes of that whole night and it was just crazy. So you gotta check that out. Season 5? No season 4 DVD. And then we’re doing a direct to DVD special for Christmas, a Christmas special.

Glenn: It’s gonna be great!

FFM (Brian): I’d like to see the gang’s take on Christmas.

Rob: Yeah, and it’s X rated cause we can! I think it’s actually rated R.

Glenn: NC17 maybe?

Rob: There is some pornography.

Glenn: did you ever see that Bruce Willis movie that came out in 1995?

Rob: Where you see his pecker?

Glenn: Yeah, what was that called? Do you remember that? And everyone was up in arms cause it was all sexy.

Rob: Uhh, “The Color”.. no

Glenn: Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah! Something like that! Anyway, check that out.

Rob: The Color of Night?

Glenn: Yes! That was the name of the movie! Uh, terrible, terrible movie but anyway.

Rob: He’s swimming in a pool and you see his-

Glenn: and you see his peckerwood.

Rob: His penis.

Glenn: Anyway, you see Bruce Willis’ penis in our show too in this new DVD special. You won’t see Bruce Willis but you see his penis. He refused to, you know.

FFM (Alyssa): Was it like the penis double is played by Bruce Willis?

Glenn: Oh no, we just took a screenshot of The Color of Night and put it in there.

FFM (Brian): Was it awkward approaching lawyers asking for rights to that? Did you have to specifically say you just wanted that?

Glenn: I don’t think we went through lawyers for that.

Rob: No, we just took it.

Glenn: It’s one of those things where you just watch the show, it just kind of like flashes and you’re like “What the fuck was that?”

Rob: like in Fight Club. It gets into your subconscious more than anything else.

Glenn: Right and then the next time you see Bruce Willis you’re like “I feel like I’ve seen your penis and I don’t know why”

Rob: I don’t know why!

Glenn: But if you see his penis in that movie, it has the essence of him like you know it’s him.

[Kaitlin Olson who Plays Dee interrupts from the next table asking about the Christmas episode]

Rob: What, we’re talking about Bruce Willis’ penis over here.

Kaitlin: I was wondering if I was allowed to. Can I talk about Bruce Willis’ penis too?

Glenn: I think you should. I think you might best. I’m gonna talk about Bruce Willis’ penis some more, is that cool?

Rob: Do you guys have any more questions about Bruce Willis’ penis?

FFM (Alyssa): I think we should devote the rest of the interview-

Glenn: to Bruce Willis and his penis.

FFM (Alyssa): So what did it look like?

Glenn: Gnarled. Strange.

Rob: Gnarled. Dolph Lundgren…

FFM (Brian): Was this during the Demi Moore time?

Glenn: It was during the Demi Moore period. But the Christmas episode is going to be a blast. There are going to be a lot of really really memorable moments in that episode I have to say. And then the rest of the episode is going to be trash. It’s kind of like an ‘NSync album, you know what I mean?

Rob: A couple of gems.

Glenn: A couple of gems and the rest is just filler.

Rob: Just garbage. Filler, really.

FFM (Brian): So did Danny Devito get holed up? I saw him earlier today.

Glenn: I think he came last night cause he’s promoting these horror shorts.

Rob: The Blood Factory.

Glenn: The Blood Factory. Splatter Cuts as he calls them. So I know that he burned himself out a little bit last night. Right?

Rob: Yeah. But we just did the signing with him and I think we’re going out to eat with him I think.

Glenn: Yeah, that’s the idea.

FFM (Brian): Did you ever imagine you’d be working with him in any aspect?

Rob: I remember watching Taxi when I was like 4. I remember being like “I’m going to be working with that son of a bitch!”

Glenn: I didn’t. I did not think that.

Rob: But you didn’t know who Danny Devito was till like six months ago.

Glenn: I had never heard of him.

Rob: You kept calling him Cranberry Burrito.

Glenn: I thought that was his name.

Rob: “Why is everyone so excited about a cranberry burrito? That sounds disgusting. Who would want to eat that?!” Well we’re not eating him, we’re working with him. “Why would I want to work with a cranberry burrito?”

Glenn: Then I was like “It would probably be more fun than working with you”

Rob: And you were right.

FFM (Brian): Speaking along those lines, as the main writers of the show do you guys ever worry that you pick on eachother too much or sometimes you are a little mean and gotta back off?

Glenn: We definitely get a little concerned with how often we talk over eachother. We can’t seem to help it. Rob and I were in the editing room yesterday watching an episode in which we almost the entire episode were just constantly screaming and talking over eachother. And we’re like we have got to stop doing this because sometimes it’s funny and then other times it’s just a wall of fucking noise.

Rob: What’s going on over here, I can hear the bass? [Rob refers to a sound outside]

FFM (Brian): They’re doing some video game preview of gears of war.

Rob: That sounds awesome. Hey do you guys know anything about the Cameron Avatar, showing fifteen minutes of Avatar?

Glenn: I heard it’s not very funny.

FFM (Brian): I don’t think it’s a comedy.

Glenn: It’s not very funny.

[They continue saying it's not funny]

FFM (Alyssa): So are there panels that you were interested in seeing?

Rob: Well I wanna see that, I wanna see the Avatar panel.

Glenn: I do too but there’s no fuckin way I’m gonna try to get into it.

FFM (Brian): You guys stand in line? You guys got colored bracelets or something, you can get straight through the line.

Rob: We should walk right in, start demanding things.

FFM (Brian): I’m sure if you stood in line and said “Hey, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and the crowd would go crazy and they’d have to rush you in.

Glenn: Yeah, you might be right. Go in there and just start throwing our weight around.

We say our thanks and they have to head out to their appointments and dinner with Danny Devito.

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