Aside from any humorous medical conditions, I’m talking about those throw backs from the 80’s – sort of like 3D garbage pail kids in ball form. I never figured out what you were supposed to do with them, you couldn’t bounce them much and they didn’t roll because they often had horns or bumps that made them difficult to play with. They are pretty much worthless, aside from maybe grossing out a kid sister here or there. I think some crack filled marketing guy even cooked up vehicles and play sets for these horrible toys. You could sell anything to kids in the 80’s it seemed, just as long as you had a cartoon or kick ass commercial showing kids having way too much fun playing with your product.

So basically Mad Balls are like retarded Garbage Pail Kids, just easily shaped into genital jokes. This makes the next sentence really hard to understand. Mad Balls in Babo Invasion is an amazing game and shouldn’t be missed by fans of intense online combat.


From the ground up this game was built for arena style combat. The developers originally designed a freeware version lacking polish and the Mad Balls license, but built the game out of a love on multiplayer gaming and it clearly shows. The detail and care put into this game is mind boggling! This is the real deal, and probably the best online game on Xbox Live Arcade right now.

The game plays like Marble Madness, but with guns. Something about adding guns to an existing game makes me happy. I always said the Tony Hawk games would be better as an online shooter and finally somebody has given us the ability to blast away in Marble Madness!


The online modes range from four player co-op to 16 player free for all, capture the flag and invasion. With custom levels, designed on the fly before the match starts and over 10 player classes, you find a lot to do in this title. They have a single player mode, but I didn’t want to bother with it and instead hopped online and played against friends. Another interesting feature on Xbox is you can use your avatars head instead of a Mad Ball, so you and your buddies’ heads are rolling around blowing each other up.


So check this title out on Xbox and now just released on PC over Steam, if you want an interesting, strange, yet incredibly fun game to play online. You can find me on Xbox Live playing as AxeManiacFYAD – maybe we can smack our mad balls together.

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