The 69 Eyes

We started the night off with what seemed to be a Misfits/AFI influenced band called The Returners.  This is one of those bands where I see some potential, but need to be pointed in the right direction.  They seemed to have the look down, but the music seemed to be all over the place.  One second they tried to be melodic, then the next they were screaming.  I don’t know how long they have been playing, but assuming they are the first band they had to be kinda new.   However, with some direction and more experience they could be a great punk band.

Next up we had Spektra, which was an 80s hair band throwback.  Unfortunately, the look was where the good part about their set ended.   Their guitars were turned down so low, I felt like I was listening on a walkman.  Also, the vocalists tried to reach notes he couldn’t which resulted in some voice cracking.  When you hear things like that at a show, it really takes away from the atmosphere of a live concert.  They seemed to have a good amount of fans there, so they must be doing something right.

The Becoming followed and were a favorite of the night for me (next to The 69 Eyes of course).  After the previous band I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.  The band as a whole, had a great look and their sound was a great complement to bands like The 69 Eyes and HIM.  It was one of those bands where you could see that they get Rock n Roll.  From the first note the crowd was hooked, and got a great reception following each song.  I was surprised to hear they were from Nashville and this was one of the first times they have toured California.  They will be coming back in November with Bullets n Octane.  I highly suggest checking them out live or on the web.

After The Becoming, Dommin took the stage.  They set the mood for their set by decorating the stage with candles and roses.  This was a band I have heard of for a few years now, and was recently signed to Roadrunner Records.  Their music was a fusion of bands like Type O Negative and Danzig, but with a melodic twist.  As an unexpected treat they covered the song “(I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight,” which the crowd was receptive to.  Dommin and The Becoming really helped set the mood for the headliners.

The 69 Eyes

The 69 Eyes

It was finally time for The 69 Eyes to take the stage.  You could tell the crowd was really anticipating The Vampires From Helsinki to take the stage and they did not disappoint.  Lead singer Jyrki69 took a more aggressive style onstage this time as opposed to the last tour, which is very reflective of their latest album.  When it comes down to it The 69 Eyes are stripped down Rock n Roll, but just happen to have a goth “look” to them.  They had to crowd in the palm of their hands they whole set and they lead on every word Jyrki69 had to say or sing.  They played a lot of crowd favorites and even threw in a cover of LA Woman by The Doors.  After you see The 69 Eyes live you will feel like you got your money’s worth.  They will be touring the US until late November and then back to Europe until early next year.  Hopefully, they will be back sooner than later (and in less than 3 years).

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