I hate MMO games. I used to work at Vivendi and I was paid to play WOW and that didn’t even keep my interest for long. The tedious grinding of MMO titles wears me out and it boggles my mind that developers design games forcing players to do mundane and boring tasks for hours on end. I love playing role playing games, rewards and quests and adventure and leveling and items are all great fun, yet when put into an MMO they turn into all goes sour because they design the game to drag out forever in an attempt to keep insane players with OCD hooked on their digital crack. When I heard about Free Realms as an MMO for children I shuddered to think of the parents that would willfully introduce their kids to the WOW lack of lifestyle. But as it turns out, not all things are gloomy and evil in the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and Free Realms proves that you can make a fun, free and safe place to role play online.


It looks like World of Warcraft a bit, you can’t fault that, but the game has a much softer tone to the creatures, monsters and fairies that inhabit the land. This colorful world of creative creatures and fanciful environments captures the eye and brings out a sense of wonder in the younger kids. When you watch a child play this game, they are involved in the world and they look forward to traveling and interacting with other players and generally look happy while playing. When you watch an adult play WOW, they often stare at the glow of the screen, yell at other players, complain about travel and grinding quests, hassle other players and hardly ever look like they are having fun. They don’t enjoy traveling across the world, they either fear or hate other players and nothing seems magical to them because they are stuck in a tedious world of boredom and grinding.
Free Realms is more then just free to play, it frees you from playing a tedious game. Sure, it’s meant for children and while that is the main draw, it also works like a casual MMO for adult players who enjoy various facebook games like Zynga’s Farmville or Playfish’s Pet Society. You can play for 5 to 10 minutes a day, get in a wide range of mini games or events, chat with friends and simply have fun. You can also play with your kids or younger relatives without fear of creepy or compulsive players ruining your fun. The game is well monitored to help keep children safe from everything from overzealous gamers to molesters!


Another great thing about the game is you are free to switch classes and jobs at any time. You can be a wizard, then a ninja, then a race car driver or soccer player without having to make a new character. You can also go on adventures with your friends without worrying about levels or ranks because everyone can play together and gain adjusted experience. You can battle monsters in the wild or avoid combat entirely if you choose and players are not allowed to “gank” (attack without permission) other players either.


Character customization is a big part of the game, with decorating yourself, your house, even your virtual pet that you can raise and train. You can grow plants and flowers in your garden, explore a variety of themed lands, complete quests and play mini games that are full fledge titles, like racing, soccer, card games and more! That’s all for free too! Well most of it is free.

There are some paid content options, like certain jobs are limited to members only and items can be purchased with real money if you don’t feel like earning them, but this doesn’t break the game and adds a standard level of online commerce to free titles. This is going to keep growing as gaming and e-commerce evolves, and thankfully Sony Online Entertainment is leading the way with solid titles like this.

Check out to download and starting playing for free!

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