The best kind of games are the ones where you find yourself saying, one more level, one more turn, one more quest, one more hour and before you know it, you look at the clock with bloodshot eyes and see that its 5 in the morning and you should get ready for work. Borderlands (available now for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) not only inhabits your gaming time, but seeps over into your real life because you can’t stop thinking about it. I found myself in the supply cabinet checking out multiple staplers to see which one was the best, I settled on the one that increases staple reloading time.

The game boils down to a post apocalyptic first person shooter with role playing elements and a nearly unlimited amount of weapons and armor. It features a content generator that randomly creates weapons and shields, anything from random stats to abilities. It’s like the best part of playing games like WOW and Diablo, trying to find epic loot, with all the fun of Halo and the character building of Fallout. You end up grinding for better weapons and armor, leveling up your character to gain new skills and completing a variety of missions in a bunch of interesting locations.


The game took an interesting art direction when it switched from standard “realistic” graphics to a more cartoon like cel-shaded approach, the end product gives it a stunning look that simply pops off the screen and stands apart from any other title out there. The gritty comic book feeling works perfectly for this title, as the action is over the top and always intense. Firefights explode with amazing particle effects like splattering blood, flowing fire and sparking electricity as you beat, shoot, shock and explode all manner of enemies.


The weapons break down into a six core types with pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades, with six ammo types between all the guns and thankfully just one version of grenade ammo that is augmented with whatever grenade mod you have equipped. Weapons can have random stats and abilities attached to them, such as extra damage or increased reload speed, to completely random things like occasionally shoots out rockets or setting people on fire. Grenades can be augmented as well, giving you, Bouncing Betties, sticky, teleporting, contact or rubber bombs and more. Aside from weapons you also get shields that can have a variety of benefits like health regeneration, defensive shock blasts and increased stats.


Then on top of that, you can build your character with skill points earn after each level up. The skill point tree is full of surprises and you have to choose wisely how you want to build your character since you can’t learn everything. You can pay a fee to reset your choices at any time however, allowing you to switch how you play your character. You can play around with the skill tree at the official website,

Silly me, I forgot to mention the game features up to four player co-op along with duel modes that allow you to chose when to fight other players. Alone or with friends, Borderlands is your new addiction. Catch me online if you get a chance! Xbox: AxeManiacFYAD or PSN: AxeManiac

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