Single gamers, take heart this Valentine’s Day for while you haven’t found love, you can skip the whole ordeal of meeting the expectations of others and instead spend you money on the only sure thing this loveless weekend.

That’s right, BioShock 2 is out. Sure, you may not have love, but that also means you can take whatever money you would be spending on outlandish displays of love and spend $60 to guarantee yourself a sure thing. You get to curl up with the sequel to the blockbuster game of the year and only for a mere $60 (cheaper then flowers and dinner) you can have your way with the sexy new lady of your dreams, the Big Sister

Ready and willing for anything, this metal beauty will take you on a trip through Rapture from the eyes of a Big Daddy. Golly, this article sure is getting a lot more sexual then I expected, which makes this next transition even harder, but here goes anyway. Together you must find the little sisters and save them from kidnappers and fight bad guys with your power drill hand and flame powers.

Like the first, the world of Rapture is a slick blend of steam punk and horror. Old time technology like steam powered suits of clunky armor mixes with new nanotechnology that appears magical in nature, granting you amazing powers that you can upgrade along the way. The setting is creepy and post apocalyptic as you scrounge around the crumbling paradise of Rapture. Promising to play out events before the original and after, this pre-re-sequel looks like it has all the right moves to make it game of the year again.

If you can’t love the one you want, love the one you are with, and this year that could be BioShock 2, if you are lucky enough to be alone and free this weekend.

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    wow… sounds rad.


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  3. kso says:

    mmmm Bioshock 2

  4. Bro. Jones says:

    Looks awesome! Thanks for posting the pictures.

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