HIM, the Finnish purveyors of “Love Metal,” have returned with their latest album Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, Chapters 1-13. The band’s latest offering is a welcome return to form that fills the gap that many hardcore fans felt they left with their last two albums (the more radio friendly Dark Light and guitar heavy Venus Doom). There is a heavenly balance of heavy guitars, dark lyrics, synth parts, and a faster music pace to keep all aspects of their fanbase (both new and old) satisfied.

Screamworks is an album that is reminiscent of their earlier works like Love Metal and Razorblade Romance. You will even find lead singer Ville Valo taking a more aggressive approach to his singing with a welcome return of his melodic screams that seemed to be missing in Dark Light and Venus Doom. This would probably have to do with the album being based off of a past romantic relationship that has since ended.

Some standout tracks include the synth and guitar heavy Ode To Solitude, the in-your-face Like St. Valentine, and what could be considered the “ballad” of the album Acoustic Funeral. Of course there is also the album’s first single Heartkiller, a melodic/fast paced assault that will stay stuck in your head days after you listened to it.

There are two versions of the album available in stores. There is the standard one disc version and a “limited edition” that includes Baudelaire in Braille, on which all of the album’s tracks are done acoustically.

HIM will be touring through May with stops in the US, Australia, and Europe.

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