In a stunning display of network errors, Sony has managed to kill the video game playing abilities of its Blu-Ray Player, the PlayStation 3 with a new firmware update that hit users this Sunday. The error known as “Error 8001050F” switches the system’s internal date to 12/31/99 (possibly the real date of the Mayan Apocalypse) and blocks it from accessing the PlayStation Network. This invalidates all PSN purchases, blocks trophies and possibly corrupted or completely lost all those pointless awards you could have earned playing Modern Warfare online. The issue is also preventing users from loading games completely as the system’s internal clock just wasn’t designed to handle living in the 90’s.

Pearl Jam however has no problems living in the 90's

Sony is actually insisting that users continue to not use their systems, keep that thick layer of dust on your console and resist the urge to load up any of your favorite games or movies. Sony technical experts are working hard on having a fix up soon that will allow you to continue to ignore your PlayStation 3. Until then attempting to play any game could result in loss of data and self respect.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Hrm, we watched Inglourious Basterds last night on the Blu-Ray and it worked fine. Methinks Sony just hates you BLJ ;p

  2. BJones says:

    It’s fixed now, and was only an issue when logging into the Playstation Network or attempting to play a game with Trophies. Older models could lose all their Trophies when it happened, which is why Sony was suggesting the black out, until it sorted everything. In the end, like most internet wild fires, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

  3. Playstation is the best gaming console that i have owned. Me and my brother are addicted in playing games on Playstation.**.

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