Those attending Wondercon in San Fransico on Friday were among the hundreds of people who gathered at Justin Herman Plaza for a major announcement from Encom regarding a new release. The announcement was interrupted by a helicopter circling above where a jumper can be seen parachuting to the ground. It was later revealed that the jumper was Sam Flynn, the son of Encom legend, Kevin Flynn (who mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago).

Supporters of Flynn showed up in protest of Encom as Encom has appeared to have given up their search for their most talented programmer and have since taken all of the credit for his work.

You might be reading this with a puzzled look if you have never seen the movie Tron before as Encom is a fictional company that exists entirely within that movie. This spectacular display was setup as a promotion for the new movie, Tron Legacy in theatres this December. Similar promotions have been executed including a replica of Flynn’s arcade, which was setup in downtown San Diego for last year’s Comic-Con. Hopefully they will recreate it again for this year’s event as it is a fun way for fans to take a break from the convention and play some arcade games in a unique setting.

Follow this link to view video and more photos of this event:

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