Dexter, Dexter, Dexter… I couldn’t possibly put into words how amazing Season 4 was. The phenomenal cast delivered a performance of a lifetime and I could easily see this past season as the peak of this show. I hope “Dexter” proves me wrong, but I can’t help but be hesitant. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this show. I love the anti-hero Dexter Morgan, and his struggles of family life, and homicide cop/serial killer constantly tugging him in every direction. I love the supporting cast… most of them. I love the plot twists. I love the special guest stars including the always moving Keith Carradine, and the absolutely phenomenal, astounding, and super-creepy John Lithgow. I love everything about this show, but I just hope the staff can really pull together an awesome story for Season 5.

Just a warning, the rest of this article is pretty SPOILER HEAVY, so if you aren’t caught up yet (like some of my friends *hint hint*) stop reading now. There are also a few spoilers from the book series, so if you plan on reading that as well, I’d go check out Brian’s article on Clash of the Titans. It’s hilarious!

I’d like to briefly mention the cast, as I seem to always do in these reviews.

Michael C. Hall “Dexter Morgan”

What a phenomenal actor. He plays father, crazy, calculating, guile, and narrator all in one role. Talk about stretching your acting chops! With Hall’s recent diagnosis of cancer, I was not only fearful that we would lose such a promising actor, but that the show itself would be delayed or cancelled due to his treatments. I’m glad to hear he’s doing well and we here at Flash Flood Media wish him and his wife (see below) all the best in health and happiness.

Jennifer Carpenter “Det. Deborah Morgan”

Man oh man has she had a bad string of luck. I thought my personal relationship history was sad… hers is just downright depressing. Jennifer manages to portrait Deborah with some phenomenal acting talent. She curses like a sailor, she has the sexual appetite of an 18 year old male, and shows such a depth of sadness buried under her strong exterior that it’s hard not to feel sorry for this woman. At least she’s married to Michael C. Hall so she can go home to a loving husband.

David Zayas “Det. Angel Batista

Poor Angel has had a string of bad relationships as well. I’m sensing a theme here. I was actually kind of hoping the cop on the vice squad he started dating would have worked out, but unfortunately that didn’t turn out well. I guess that’s what happens when your first encounter with the woman is trying to pick up a prostitute, and it turns out to be a vice cop. David plays his character well. He feels like the heart and soul of the Miami Metro Homicide squad. I love seeing him on screen and glad he’s still around and didn’t get picked off by the seemingly rampant number of killers in Florida.

Lauren Vélez “Lt. Maria Laguerta”

Lauren always plays her character well. Her acting is great and I feel she is a great, strong female lead. That being said, I feel like her character has been spinning her wheels in the series with no real direction. First she had a crush on Dexter, and then she was going through a weird break up or something. Then her friend Miguel Prado (Played by Jimmy Smits) gets killed, and now she’s in love with Angel and they are hooking up when they shouldn’t be. It’s weird. I want to see her as she was in the first season. She was a tough boss, a strong woman who knew what she wanted. Now she seems to have grown soft.

So this past season delivered so many twists and turns, my neck started to hurt. I was blown away in practically every episode. From seeing Dexter’s car crash, finding out the Trinity Killer is a family man, seeing Dex infiltrate the Trinity Killer’s family, and of course, the heart-wrenching finale. This season was hands down the best in the series. It topples the semi boring Season 2 with crazy Lila Tourney seducing Dexter, and barely beats out the remarkable Season 1. My one issue with this season stemmed from the relationship between Angel and Laguerta. With all the awesome events happening all around them, it felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with these two characters and just slapped them together in an inappropriate workplace romance to generate drama. In comparison to the level of drama that every other character is dealing with in the show, this relationship felt very tacked on. Perhaps there was a reason Jeff Lindsay (author of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the original material behind the series… yes there are books…) decided to kill off Laguerta in the books.

As for the aftermath of the finale, I just don’t know where this show is going to go in Season 5. If we take a cue from the book series, then there is a strong possibility that Cody and Aster may start travelling down the same path Dexter did as a child. Dexter may find the two children playing with a dead animal (that they killed or not) and begin to see similar patterns. He then may start teaching him Harry’s rules and become the teacher… the new Harry Morgan. Another big plot moment was Deborah’s discovery that Dexter’s mother and Harry were having an affair, and that Dexter and Brian (The Ice Truck Killer) were brothers. Now she didn’t put the pieces together that Dex could be a serial killer, let alone the Bay Harbor Butcher, but I can’t imagine this won’t be further explored in Season 5. She is a pretty amazing detective and was in a relationship with a FBI serial killer hunter. Finally, how will Dex deal with the death of his beloved wife? Will he become detached? With his new freedom, will he pass his kids off to their grandmother and go on an epic killing spree which will attract Deb’s attention? I mean this show can go any which way, and I’m really, really, really excited to see what happens to one of my favorite casts on TV.

Thank you cast and crew of “Dexter”. For making me love a serial killer and seeing him as a hero. Thank you for bringing something engaging, different, and compelling to television. Congratulations on getting picked up for a fifth season.

Wait… I thought I heard something. Oh god… please… it’s just a couple of unpaid parking tickets!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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  1. Rick Weasel says:

    That was a great write up. Still havent finished the books, but I am surprized to see that season one and the first book are very close alike…well from what I read so far.

  2. CRichardson says:

    I share your fear Josh. I hope season 5 picks up in the bathroom with Dex in the pickle of a jam they left him in. They can’t just do a “5 months later” thing. There were too many messy threads left hanging. Rita doesn’t fit Trinity’s pattern for the bathtub slaying at all. How the heck is that going to be explained away? Batista saw Trinity talking to Dex in the station. He didn’t know it at the time, but he’s got to make a connection once his face becomes known. Dexter has become more sloppy as the seasons have progressed. His unfeeling alien self has given way to the kid loving family man he’s become. Not a great state of being for a killer.

    And how the heck could you not mention Julie Benz in your character write up? Next to Dex, Rita’s character has had the largest amount of growth in the series. Ms. Benz had the unenviable task of playing to foil to all of Dexter’s shenanigans. She’s had to at times be shrewish, sexy, jealous, nagging, protective and loving. While I’ve heard there’s a lot of Rita hate out there, I for one found her to be an excellent companion for our boy and hope she makes Harry-like appearances in the future.

    Oh yeah, boo for not digging Lila. I was hoping they’d spin her off to her own show. She was one sexy, crazy bitch I loved to hate.

  3. I’m gonna be pissed if this season is dealing with emotions more than killing.

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