Ugly Americans almost slipped under my radar, until it was pointed out that the animation company, Augenblick Studios was behind it, you know, the same team that animated the beautifully twisted Superjail. The show takes place in an alternate universe where monsters and magic run amok and the word Fairy Tale is synonymous with Nonfiction. Mark is a bleeding heart liberal who works for the Social Services and lives with his roommate, the undead poon hound Randall. Mark is in a complicated relationship with the daughter of Satan, Callie, who also happens to be his boss. The break away character of the show seems to be Leonard Powers, the 500 year old underachieving alcoholic wizard and my new hero.

The half hour show zips along with enough strange animation and witty satire to never give your eyes or ears a break. Countless visual jokes assault you as main characters deal with issues ranging from Trees trying to have sex to Demon PMS. I guess most of the jokes are based on sex, sex and drinking. So if you want to see drunken wizards and demon women getting it on, I guess this is the show for you.

With the wide range of topics to poke fun at, the show also handles social issues, dating troubles and of course, pointless violence!

The show is sharp and builds up to a great character show with wild animation, cool settings and amazing potential. Check out the series Finale this Wednesday the 28th of April and hold tight, because Comedy Central has extended the first season with 7 more episodes that should be airing a few months from now. Unfortunately they are handing the show over to another animation company for the next batch of episodes, so the animation quality might drop. But for right now, we have 7 solid shows to enjoy and hopefully Comedy Central doesn’t cancel this! Please don’t cancel this Comedy Central, or I might have to gang bang you

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