Here are some of the movies I am looking forward to this month.

May 7th: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 is unfortunately not among movies being released in 3D this month, but you can catch it on IMAX screens. I don’t even think I need to give a synopsis of this film, because you are all going to see it no matter what it is about, right? I’m not even sure but I can guess that this is more about Tony Stark getting comfortable with his new super hero personality and kicking more ass than ever. That combined with the addition of the bodacious Scarlett Johansson is enough to get any man into the the box office this weekend.

May 21st: MacGruber

This Saturday night live spin on the MacGuyver series hits the big screens this month starring Will Forte as MacGruber. I know, I skipped right over the new Robin Hood movie. Unless Bryan Adams makes a music video for Robin Hood, count me out. Actually, count me out either way. Sorry Russel Crowe, but MacGruber is my pick for that weekend. This movie also stars Val Kilmer as MacGrubber’s nemesis, Dieter Von Cunth.

May 27th: Sex and the City 2

Practically the opposite of testosterone pumping Iron Man 2, but I am also looking forward to this. Make all the Sarah Jessica Horseface jokes that you want, it’s not going to stop me from seeing this over-the-top sequel. This time around takes us all the way to Abu Dhabi where the four girls ride on camels dressed head to toe in the latest designer fashions. Half way around the world, Carrie bumps into her former fiance, Aiden, which should make for some added element of drama. However, I doubt that she would leave Big.

May 28th: George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead

Forget seeing Jake Gyllenhaal prance around as Prince of Persia, your money would probably be best spent seeing George Romero’s Survival of the Dead. I was surprised the last time I saw a Romero film, as Mr. Romero himself came out to introduce the film to the audience at the Los Angeles Nuart Theatre. The Nuart is hosting a screening for Survival of the Dead so we may be in for a treat this time too. The movie itself follows a group of people living on an island struggling between killing off zombies mercilessly or capturing them until there is a cure, no doubt becoming a debate on morality.

So those are my movie picks for May. What movies are you most looking forward to this month? I know there is some huge movie involving a big green monster that I didn’t mention…

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  1. BJones says:

    How can you not like the idea of MacGruber? You think Sex in the City is over the top, MacGruber is completely over the top 80′s action movie parody, that actually has really good action and fun. If you can buy the premise of Sex in the Sandy 2, this should be nothing. I mean, for god sake, two of the girls ride Camels! Excuse me, AbFab already did the whole out of place white fashion girls in the desert thing years ago.

    Plus come on, Val Kilmer as the bad guy? How can you not be excited about that? Val Kilmer owns.

  2. I do like the idea of MacGruber. I don’t know what would give you the idea that I didn’t based on my write-up… I put it on this list because I think it is a movie worth mentioning.

  3. BJones says:

    I’m trying to stir up some controversy for ratings.

  4. Looks like this “Robin Hood” movie would be a great movie to watch just like the movie about King Arthur.`-`

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  6. i think i like the comedy version of the Robin Movie starring Cary Elwis.”.

  7. robin hood movie has got lots of action and great cinematograpy`~;

  8. i always admire Robin Hood even during the times that i were still a little kid *

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