I remember when the game Bully came out, everyone was outraged that it was a GTA style game with kids, instead of guns you had sling shots, instead of grenades you had fire crackers and instead of fighting mobsters for turf, you had to survive jocks in gym class. It was a fun game that gave us a unique setting we could all relate to, yet allowed us to play the hero and fight the bullies or actually be a bully. You could also kiss other boys in that game, but that is a whole other topic. The idea was that is was disturbing to most people to be playing kids.

We can handle blasting zombies, soldiers or even cops, but hurting a virtual child is beyond reasonable. Even Postal 2, a game that has you literally pissing on people to make them throw up, felt it was wrong to have kids in the game. Well, unless you count Gary Coleman as a kid, god bless his little soul.

So when I heard about Naughty Bear I was interested, this Xbox 360/PS3 title seems to cross Manhunt with Viva Piñata, replacing blood and gore with stuffing and fabric. The idea was simple, a bear is snubbed at a party and decided to murder everything for revenge. This sounds like a cool excuse to stalk, abuse and murder people, well bears, but still, there would be a lot of deranged murdering and down right disturbing psychological warfare going on in this title.

Not that kind of Naughty!

So what kind of Naughty stuff can you do in this game? Well the game works on a point system, the naughtier the action, the more naughty points you get. This is a pretty cool dynamic, because you get points for abstract things, like a bear finding a body, hearing a scary noise or seeing a bear murder itself out of fear. Yes, you can scare other bears into killing themselves. This game seems far more demented then Bully ever hoped to be!

You can straight up assault bears with a variety of weapons, or use objects in the environment as traps. Mess with an object and a bear will go check it out, allowing you to sneak up and scare them. You mainly just yell BOOO over and over again, or hold a weapon up to them in a menacing fashion. This causes them to panic or fight back. You can also place bear traps or landmines. So far the object interaction seems good, you can flush things down toilets, light them in fires, hide in closets and cabinets, barricade rooms, break stoves, sabotage unexplainable gadgets like a steam powered… god I don’t even know what those are most of the time, but you fuck with them and Bears will come over and try to fix it.

Levels offer different settings, for example stop a bear from becoming a mayor, while his ninja bears protect him, but for the most part you just run around torturing bears and finding gifts and lighting them on fire. It’s a weird game, oddly soothing and fun to play in short bursts. I’ve also found that women usually not interested in violent games seem to love playing it and don’t feel bad about doing horrible, horrible things that even Postal 2 would do.

The game also offers a full range of multiplayer modes, a cool built in leader board for tracking friends scores and lots of achievements, costumes and items to unlock during play. It has a funny announcer and a firm sense of knowing how silly this whole concept is, which adds to the fun. The price point is a bit of a problem, at 49.99 it seems like a bit much for what it offers, and sadly the game proudly boasts upcoming DLC (which if it ain’t free is saying a lot about the expected value of this title). Maybe the DLC will offer new game modes, new ways to torture bears and if they really want to drive people crazy, new character models for humans. At a lower price point, this would be an easy choice to make, heck, for 1200 Microsoft points I think most people would have jumped on it, but you might want to check out the game play videos and ask yourself if this is a $50 investment before you jump into the world of Naughty Bear.

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    Here is a trailer from the company. I didn’t want to download it off the press site and re host it on youtube, that seems counter productive.


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