My hopes of this game being a Borderlands style shooter with tons of weapons or a CSI game looking for “evidence” in a seedy hotel room with an actual black light had been quickly crushed when I loaded up this new first person shooter from developer Zombie Studios. I had read the announcement of it as “hundreds of weapons” and got all excited since I have been playing Borderlands online with friends non stop. So I thought maybe this was a modern day version of that.

Boy, was I wrong. This title is actually a solid online multiplayer title that offers fans of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty a lot of action. I however suck at all forms of online combat and reduce myself to lowly support classes and co-op missions. This is not the game for me. I tried the single player mode and found it was really just a place holder for the online. Then I tried the co-op and while it was fully featured, fighting against the AI with friends is a bit boring and repetitive. So I almost quit in frustration, not sure I could review this title fairly.

That is, until I called up my cousin Nick. He is a strapping 19 year old male trying to enroll in the army (he was just accepted actually) and loves to play Call of Duty and Halo. He is a FPS junkie. Ever since the days of his youth when he would toddler over and grab a N64 controller to play Goldeneye with us, he enjoyed them. Of course he was shit back then at Goldeneye, we would even let him be OddJob and I’d still wipe the floor with him. But he seems to have gotten better at online killing while I in my old man advanced age have grown soft and weak. So I invited him over to play this game while I drank and worked on my Farmville farm. Here are some of his thoughts on the title

“Why am I playing Simon Says to open a door? This is stupid”. Then he quit single player and went online. “I like the guns” he said as he was looking over the inventory and buying weapons before the round started. The first few rounds involved him and other gamers calling each other racial and homophobic slurs, with him getting quite angry. Turns out there is an experience point system that allows you to have better weapons than other players, but this just forced him to play more and get better so he could unlock better weapons and “fuck your gay ass up”. Confused sexuality aside, he seemed to be enjoying the title and had no problems finding players, even a few weeks after the release of the title. That alone is impressive for an Xbox Live title, seems everyone plays a game for a week then crawls back to Madden, Halo and Call of Duty.

The game has slick graphics, super quick combat and seems to instantly throw you into an online match when you load it up. This makes it great for quick mindless matches. You can also use an assortment of items and gadgets that let you see through walls “lol wall hacks” and employ counter tactics with ease. The game is pure online combat, cheap and fast. It’s a good Xbox Live title, but I could see how it would fall flat as a full retail game. If you enjoy shooting strangers in the face and get bored of the maps in Call of Duty, get this. Heck, don’t they sell map packs for Call of Duty for nearly the same price as this title? Expand your horizons a bit here, kill new people with Blacklight: Tango Down for Xbox Live Arcade.

Blacklight: Tango Down is now available for Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS points ($15)

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