Hoodoo Engine is a demon fueled express ride through the undecipherable hell we call reality and a star spun collusion of like-minded weirdopaths, each a experienced master in their own right. Their first musical offering, a self-produced nine track album entitled “EGOWHORE” puts the work of their would-be peers to shame. Bitpop breakcore prophet Johan Ess brings the nightmare directly to your doorstep, spewing steaming tales of paranoia and madness like Nick Cave come back from the doomed future. His haunting vocals are accompanied by tasteful industrial song writing and seething guitar playing from his fellow dark adepts, producer Marz233 and writer/artist James Curcio. The album also features guest work by members of Collide and Mankind is Obsolete.

My personal favorite track from the album is definitely “Hoodoo Luv.” Channeling the perverted energy of classic darkwave artists like Soft Cell and the death glam rock of Marilyn Manson, this track will quickly have you singing along and begging for some of that spicy Hoodoo Luv (“Tastes like chicken.”) Another stand out is “Elohim,” which describes the recycling of planet earth and the coming of a higher race of beings… or does it? Drinking from that plastic cup might be the only way to find out. And finally, “Level 5″ is a strangely catchy story of one man’s escape from a mysterious complex.

EGOWHORE is highly recommended for fans of Tool, Marilyn Manson, and the X-files. All the tracks are streaming on the band’s website, the album is currently available for purchase in both digital and physical form at the band’s store, as well as from various digital distributors. I look forward with great anticipation to the promised cybernetic train wreck of a 2011 release, “Murder the World.”

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