What comes to mind when you think of The Birthday Massacre? Maybe it’s the heavy,
unforgiving guitars. Maybe it’s the dreamy synths. Maybe it’s the immense contrast between the two that grabs your attention. Whatever the reason their music catches your ear, it’s undeniable that they have a distinct and uncommon sound. The release of their new album Pins and Needles has been highly anticipated by their fans around the world.

In comparison to their previous album Walking with Strangers, Pins and Needles seems to be a bit darker and heavier. With songs like In the Dark, Sleepwalking, and the title track Pins and Needles, the listener is overcome by the heavy guitars, and Chibi’s sweet enchanting voice that is reminiscent of a dream. That goes without saying that the album also has it’s softer, more melodic songs (my personal favorite being Pale)

While listening to the album, you get a sense of melancholy and resentment that
you don’t hear in the previous albums. This makes for some interesting lyrics. Pins and Needles seems to be a “coming of age” album for the band. The lyrics and the sound are more mature, as well as the content. I like that the band can grow and evolve in their sound without compromising the morbid fun fans have come to love in their songs.

All in all Pins and Needles was a very impressive album. I liked the fact that it was
a bit different from their previous albums, but it didn’t stray too far from the sound they’ve become known for. The only complaint I have is that I wish there had been more songs.

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