I was recently able to sit down with Liz Enthusiasm, the lead singer of synth pop band Freezepop. Freezepop were in the middle of touring the west coast along with the spicy twins, Ming and Ping and Aerodrone when I caught up with Liz in Los Angeles just before a show.

You can listen to the interview by pressing play or just read the interview below. In the audio version, it may sound like we’re in a bathroom but rest assured, we are sitting near a fountain and before long, Aerodrone begin their sound check.

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Alyssa, Flash Flood Media: We are here with Liz Enthusiasm from Freezepop.

Liz Enthusiasm: Hello!

FFM: How’s the tour been going so far with Ming and Ping?

Liz: It’s been super fun. Yeah, it’s Ming and Ping and us and Aerodrone and it’s all of us in a van together, which has been super cozy but yeah, it’s been good. We’ve never actually toured with a whole posse before so it’s sort of novel and pretty cool actually. It’s been fun, I’m gonna miss them.

FFM: Did you just come down from San Francisco?

Liz: Uh, Sacramento was last night. It’s been like a lot of sitting in the van on crazy long drives. Since everything on the west coast is so far. That guy over there has been driving us everywhere. He’s a driving machine! So yeah, it’s been a whole lot of sittin in the van all week.

FFM: And where are you from?

Liz: We’re from Boston. So we don’t get out this way very often.

FFM: You guys mention shopping and fashion a few times in your music. Have you been able to shop on the road or maybe here in LA?

Liz: No. No. On The east coast the cities are close enough together that you have a couple of free hours each day and this time it’s just basically been wake up in the morning, get in the van, drive to the next show, play the show, go to the hotel, sleep, get up the next morning.. We stopped at Target for like 10 minutes. That’s been like all the shopping we’ve been able to do unfortunately, which is a bit of a bummer. Although actually when we started out we were in um, the Pheonix Scottsdale area and we got to hit up some Salvation Armys and Goodwills and stuff but I didn’t really find anything.

FFM: A lot of your songs have a whimsical, child-like imaginary type feel. Is that going to carry over to the new album “Imaginary Friends” or can we expect a different kind of sound or vibe?

Liz: It’s not suuuper different. I mean it’s definitely an evolution but it’s not like we’ve completely gone in another direction. I think with this one the main thing that shaped our sound is just that we were playing so many shows and we sort of did it in a different way. Before, the song would be written and recorded then released and then we would start playing the songs. But this way, we recorded a demo and then we would play it out live to just kind of test it and make other parts work better. So, I think it’s sort of geared towards songs that would really work well live. I don’t want to say it’s tailor made for that but it’s definetly been an influence on how things have turned out.

FFM: You recently added a few new members to the band. How did you connect with them?

Liz: Um well, OK Bananas Foster has been touring with us for several years and he has been sort of our go-to fill-in guy cause The Duke wasn’t able to tour for a couple of years. He was just so crazy busy in his job and we were just touring more and more. He couldn’t keep up with that.

FFM: So he went to work full time. [For those who don't know, Kasson "The Duke" Crooker is a Senior Producer at the video game development studio Harmonix].

Liz: Yeah, and his job is super intense. So we started playing shows with Bananas and he and Sean know eachother from high school so they’ve been in like tons of bands together. He was basically already going to become an official member of the band before Kasson (Duke) retired from it and so this just sort of sped up the process.

And then we knew we wanted a girl because we wanted someone who could do backing vocals and just to have a little more gender balance in the band. We had sort of a short list of friends of ours from around Boston who could do that kind of stuff and Christmas was perfect for it. She actually started out as a Freezepop fan, which is a pretty funny thing, like from waay back she was a very old school fan. And yeah, she had become a friend of ours through various other friends. It’s been really cool. I really enjoy having another girl in the band. Like it makes touring more fun for me and just the dynamic has changed in a good way. I mean, not that it was bad before but it’s been more fun now.

FFM: You guys have a lot of side projects. Are you working on anything else besides Freezepop yourself?

Liz: Um, not really. The side projects are really more of Sean’s thing. I mean, I’ve done like guest vocals on a couple things here and there but I’m not a musician. I just sing and I write some lyrics and stuff but I don’t actually write the music itself or anything

FFM: Can you play any instruments though?

Liz: No, I can’t actually.

FFM: I try. I dabble in things like piano I’m like “I can do this sort of”. Can never get quite there.

Liz: Yeah, it’s just when I was little I was always taking like the art lessons instead of the music lessons.

FFM: How do you think things would be without your connection to Harmonix and being in video games?

Liz: They would be a lot smaller. Haha! Yeah, it’s just worked out. It’s just really lucky on our part. I mean, the timing was good because now it would be basically impossible for an unknown band to get that kind of exposure. Now that I think the major labels are kind of hip to songs in video games being the big promotional thing, a lot of labels are doing exclusive deals with video game developers. So, it was really lucky that we were able to get in kind of at the ground floor before the whole music game thing exploded.

FFM: Yeah, you have to find new and creative ways to get yourself out there these days. Especially with almost a lack of the music industry or recording labels.

Liz: Yeah, that’s the thing. Everything is just changing so quickly and I dunno.. They’re also now doing Rock Band network stuff so bands can self author their own stuff. That’s a great step in the right direction but it’s not the instant exposure that being included officially in those games would give you.

FFM: Speaking of games. Are there any that you’re currently addicted to and playing right now or looking forward to?

Liz: I don’t play video games. Haha.

FFM: I’m not that great either.

Liz: Right now Sean is playing Arkham Asylum. He’s like “I gotta go back from touring so I can go finish my game”. But yeah, I don’t play any video games.

FFM: I try to. I’ll dabble in things that are just fun like Katamari.

Liz: Yeah, I like watching people play games. I find that mesmerizing but I don’t have the hand eye coordination or anything like that.

FFM: Um, along the lines of games.. if there was a super power you could have like anything from a game or anywhere, what would it be?

Liz: A super power… Um, I guess being able to fly would be pretty cool. I guess that’s not very original.

FFM: Well, that sounds pretty awesome.

Liz: Yeah, or maybe being able to breathe under water.

FFM: I’d probably like to teleport. Just something that gets me out of traffic. That’s like my boring way.. Anyway, any new songs that you plan on playing tonight?

Liz: Yeah, we’re actually going to be debuting a bunch of them. Yeah, we’ve been playing I guess 4 or 5ish new songs on this tour. So yeah, it’s sort of like a little sneak preview for our album which is coming later this fall. It will be early December.

FFM: I’ve heard “Magnetic”, it’s pretty cool.

Liz: Oh, thank you! Yeah, we’re playing magnetic and a couple other ones. The response has been really great so far so we’re very encouraged by that. It’s a little scary when you lose a member of your band and he’s also been a primary songwriter. We’re sort of hoping people won’t be like “Oh, they suck now!” you know so it’s been very gratifying that people have responded well.

FFM: Cool. Well, I look forward to the show tonight.

Liz: Thank you so much!

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