I caught up with the spicy twins for a interview. If you are in the LA area, be sure to check out their show November 19th.

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Taylor: Hi, we’re here with Ming & Ping. Hi Ming, hi Ping.

Ming: Hello.

Ping: Hello mate.

T: People probably mix you guys up a lot. How do you deal with that?

M: This is Ming. I usually react with a disgusting face. And then I throw a fit and I leave the room.

P: This is Ping. We’re actually quite used to it, we get it ever since the childhood. So it’s all right.

T: “Ming & Ping” is your 4th studio album?

P: Mhmm.

T: How long have you guys been making your spicy electro music?

M: So we make our first song, just messing around, in 2002. And we post it on the internet. Some people found it, they liked it.

P: I think we released our first album in 2004 and we also experimenting with the live show at this time. Yeah.

T: Did you guys always write music together, or have you written any music separately?

P: We do, we do separately, but sometimes they just fit together, quite often.

M: So we pretty rarely- we sit together, I mean sometime it feel like we force ourselves. So we do things pretty separately, and we get together to join force.

P: Join the force.

T: I think “Ming & Ping” is your first album featuring live drums?

M: Yeah.

T: How did you meet your very talented drummer, Jaymie Can, of Beercan?

P: Jaymie Can! Okay.

M: Beer Can. Okay so, self-titled album feature live drums and it’s more match the nature of our live show, more match the energy.

P: Yeah, so our friend Trevor from Reno, who own Pie Face Pizza, he introduced us to Jaymie Can.

T: You’ve just returned from a mini-tour of the West Coast with Freezepop and Aerodrone. What do you guys look forward to most on your next tour?

M: What do we look for most? We looking forward to working with a tour manager and a driver, because car tour is very difficult to do, in the car, and you have to drive around and stuff.

P: Yeah, and we also looking forward to getting the email and a good review from the wonderful people. It’s quite nice.

T: What is your favorite food to eat on tour?

P: Oh.

M: Favorite food, oh man. We just come from a tour, and we have Ming & Ping Spicy Special at the Pie Face Pizza in Reno. This pizza with a chicken jalapeno and spicy hot Cheetos. Oh man I am hungry.

P: Oh… So spicy.

T: There’s a lot of debate, about who is spicier, Ming, or Ping. Are there competitive feelings between you brothers, do you guys ever fight?

M: Uh usually, not about spice, only about who doing laundry and wash-

P: Who is more spicy… We like mystery. Oh, the bus.

T: Ming and Ping are known for their creative merchandise, you have iPhone applications like Ming & Ping Pong, and even your own Spicy Sex Monkey luxury fragrance. What kind of stuff are you guys really excited about right now?

M: Okay, by the way man, if you don’t see it yet, you need to watch the Spicy Sex Monkey video. It’s on our Youtube. Check it out.

P: Yeah we also just receive Ming & Ping Electric Shades, you check em out they look pretty cool huh?

M: So in the future, we working more on like a special activity you do at the show.

P: Yeah!

M: So instead of something you buy, we work on some fun thing that you do at the live show.

T: That’ll be cool.

M: Mm… It’ll be spicy.

T: It’ll be spicy. How do you guys write songs, do you both come up with the melodies and lyrics or are you individually more specialized in different parts of the writing process?

P: I think all equal, but mostly separately.

M: We combine loosely first, and then the hard work is to make it all work together.

P: Make it together, yeah. Make it together.

T: That makes sense. Have you heard any music recently that you can’t stop listening to?

P: Yeah, cialis online actually some of our fan remixes are wonderful, you should check them out, at the MingPing.com.

M: Yeah, those are wonderful remix. We’ve been getting super spicy with new album by Chromeo. It’s called “The Casual Business.”

P: Oh no, “Business Casual.”

M: Okay, it’s called “Business Casual.” We getting real spicy, it’s all funky. Funkay!

P: Funkay!

T: You guys actually recently did a remix of “The Space In Between” by How to Destroy Angels. What was it like to bring the spicy to such a tastefully minimal piece of work?

M: Oh my god. So scary. I was so scary.

P: Actually, once we found the pulsating rhythm guitar, it’s much easier to rebuild the song in a new way. It’s all right. Yeah.

T: Remixing has become a fairly controversial art form, and there are almost as many approaches to the remixing process as there are remixes. Do either of you have strong opinions on what makes a remix good?

M: Oh, my opinion so strong man, you watch out.

T: Okay.

M: I think a good remix is different from original but capture best part of- or most surprising part of the original song.

P: Yeah, I think RAC is making some wonderful remixes now. We would love to work with them.

T: What sort of plans do you have for future Ming & Ping projects, is there anything you can tell us about right now?

M: Yeah, we are working on a few new songs right now, and in November we play a show with the Slants. We working pretty hard to plan like a East Coast tour. Maybe we meet with Freezepop over there in their town.

P: New video.

M: Oh yeah, we working on some Spicy Show too. Like a cooking show. Watch out!

T: That’ll be really spicy. What’s the best way for fans to keep up on the doings of Ming & Ping?

P: Doing.

M: What do you mean doing?

T: The kind of stuff you guys are up to right now.

M: Okay. I list in order. Number One.

P: Number one, MingPing.com for our important stuff, and members only.

M: Very nice Ping. Number Two.

P: Okay. On the Twitter. Facebook. You find us on the Google.

M: Oh Facebook is fun, you find us on the Facebook. Number Three, we have a Youtube show, but we didn’t upload recently, except now we working on it.

T: Hah.

M: Why you laugh at me man? So we gonna upload something new pretty soon. So we gonna give you a tour of our studio. So check out our Twitter, our Facebook, and mostly come to our website MingPing.com, or you go to MingAndPing.com, same thing.

T: All right, well thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this interview for Flash Flood, and I really appreciate it. You guys have a good time.

M: Oh thank you.

P: Thank you so much.

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