The Birthday Massacre made their long awaited return to Southern California this past weekend at the House of Blues in Anaheim. This time though they returned as headliners and to a great ovation.

Unfortunately, I missed the openers Aural Vampire and Dommin. I was hearing really good things about Aural Vampires from different members of the audience so they had to be something right. As far as Dommin goes, I have seen them before and have always put on great shows so it was safe to assume they did a great job here as well. Plus, like Aural Vampire, people were saying good things about their performance. Hopefully I will get to catch Aural Vampires soon and Dommin will be playing at the Viper Room on December 3 though, so not all is lost.

When I arrived Black Veil Brides took the stage shortly after. Most of their fans consisted of kids who had to bring their parents along to get into the show (and for a ride home). They only took up maybe a quarter of the audience if that. How they were co-headliners was beyond me. Their repetitive music and walking internet meme looks were really unimpressive. If you have heard bands like Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold already then move along because there is nothing new to see here.

BVB seemed to be going for some Black Metal band combined with an old-school Motley Crue look, but it just looked like they lost a fight with a sharpie and scissors. As someone who worked in the Death Metal/Black Metal and local pro-wrestling scene even I found their look to be humorous. It just seemed like a parody. Lead singer Andy Six’s DGAF/FTW attitude wasn’t helping win fans over either. Telling people things like, “if you don’t like our band then fuck you” or, “I’m up here and you’re down there,” (which he said to a fan who was giving them the finger through their set) just seemed so contrived and overplayed. He also threw in the being different and an outcast speech which pretty much fell on deaf ears. Everything they tried has already been done and done better. We even had a lawsuit waiting to happen as Andy Six decided to throw his mic into the audience at the end of their set to show he was cool, or didn’t care…or something. Definitely not one of the better performances I have seen. After hearing some conversations after their set, it seemed I was not the only one who shared the same feelings. Most of the Black Veil Brides fans left after their set, but you couldn’t tell as the floor was packed for what came later.

After that set morale picked up when The Birthday Massacre took the stage. From the opening with “In the Dark” to their encore of “Happy Birthday” and “Sleepwalking,” it was pure energy all the way and the crowd loved every minute of it. Seeing them on stage after the previous band was like night and day.

While Black Veil Brides was giving off their DGAF attitude, The Birthday Massacre seemed more welcoming. They really fed off the crowds energy then gave back what they received which made for one of their best SoCal sets to date. Their set was a balanced mixed of old songs, new songs, and crowd favorites. Actually, you could say all the songs were crowd favorites as they seemed to know the words to every song. Their crushing guitar riffs combined with pulsating rhythms and Chibi’s hypnotic voice really make for a show not to be missed. If you are on the fence about them, see them live and you will be hooked.

Whenever they play, you can tell they love what they do and that they are appreciative of their success. There is no flaunting or tormenting, just great music and a lot of passion. The Birthday Massacre seems to be getting better and better with each show. Their fanbase seems to also be growing and with good reason.
The Birthday Massacre will be touring the US through the end of November.

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  1. Knave Murdok says:

    Aural Vampire was super high energy, and adorable.
    I’ve seen Dommin before, but I think they were called HIM.
    Black Veil Bride Smack Talk was almost more entertaining than the actual music, but when they took the stage, the first thing I thought was that the Kiss Army had lead a coup.
    All I heard from them was “THIS IS NOT A PHASE, MOM!!! THIS IS MY LIFE!!!”
    Birthday Massacre totally Massacred me… on my BIRTHDAY no less.
    The band hung out after the killer set, and did a meet and greet with the fans, where all the good energy just carried over, in a much more intimate ad personal way. Every member was just beaming with pride and love for their audience.
    In essence, if this show had just been long sets from Massacre and Vampire, it would have been epic.

  2. Daniel says:

    With Knave on this. TBM is an example of how a band can reach success by simultaneously creating fantastic and unique music and be approachable for the fans to express their appreciation for such amazing work. You can tell that they have a passion for both their music and their fans…where as BVB are simply getting their rocks off at an early age before they start their careers in bill collecting.

    Birthday Massacre will be around for a very long time. They’re gonna stand the test of time. BVB will not. It’s a shame that TBM has to tolerate them on their tour.

    Additionally, DOMMIN is fantastic!! It was a real pleasure watching them perform. They would make a far better co-headliner.

  3. nate shipp says:

    none of this shit will stand the test of time. Any idiot can wear makeup and turn their gain up on their drive and yell into the mic. Dave Matthews is music. The Doors is music. Sublime is music. Hell, even the misfits despite their gay marketing scheme is music. This is garbage and if you like these bands and actually payed money to watch them, youre an idiot.

  4. mike stamper says:

    i agree with nate on this one. but i do think bvb gets alot of shit just because they where makeup but as i can see evrey band on that stage has makeup on lol.

  5. music fan says:

    I get so tired of people like Nate. It is what is killing the scene today. Just because a person does not like what you like doesn’t mean they are “an idiot.” Everyone has what they like and to each their own. I do respect the bands you mentioned and my musical taste ranges from The Beatles to Cradle of Filth. Music moves on and different bands add different elements and make it something people either like or don’t like. The Birthday Massacre has been going strong for 4 albums and seem to be doing fine. If you don’t like something just move on and state your opinion respectfully and not like some stubborn 14 year old. Many people at the show didn’t like Black Veil Brides so they are not going buy their merch and move on with their lives, not condemn others because they don’t like it.

  6. ANDi6 says:

    ok… i was at the BVB birthday massacre dommin aural vampire tour in boise, @ the knitting factory, and aural vampire was first, and AMAZING at that, dommin was next… they were good too, then BVB… theyre IDGAF attitude was just showing how they actually DONT GIVE A FUCK what people like you think, cause the people up front trrying to get them to even look at them DO GIVE A FUCK… and just saying… andy also said how “Just cause we’re wearing make-up, does’nt mean we cant kick your ass… Would’nt that be embarassing to have your ass kicked by a guy who’s mascara’s running?” sooo… yep. they actually dont care what you think cause the hundreds of people there just to see them DID…

  7. music fan says:

    They could not give a fuck all they want, it doesn’t equal a great performance. Funny they say the makeup comment when Motley Crue was saying it 20 years ago. It was funny then and funny now. Again, BVB not being original. However, like the comment before yours: to each their own. The author of the article can only comment on the show in Anaheim and not one in Boise. Fanbases can be stronger in other places and bands can have off nights

  8. nate says:

    this stubborn 14 year old wrote all the music that got that band label attention. The victory records deal went on for three years before bvb got signed. They took music i wrote, told all their fans they wrote it, and sold it like i didnt exist. Bands like black veil brides are ruining the scene cause they convince people like you that they’re for real. They sold out before people knew who they were. Go ask any real metal band in the international mix their opinions on them if what I just said is a fact.

  9. nate says:

    btw, even though it wouldn’t ever come to this cause we were good friends at one point, not one guy in black veil brides could beat anyone up

  10. J:10 says:

    Fuck yeah. Its Fiendish, bitch!!!!

  11. tugce says:

    Poor BVB. I can’t really judge, because I’ve never seen them live, but from what I know, Andy does have talent. I haven’t been listening to their new songs though, so I can’t tell if I like them or not. I used to love the old BVB, when it was Andy, Chris, Bobby, Smity and James, they weren’t thát famous (but famous enough for me to hear about them here in the Netherlands) but their stuff just sounded great. Then they broke up and Andy went on with Chris Hollywood and Sam. I still kind of liked them back then. But since he’s in this totally new band I haven’t really been interested in their music, haven’t listened to their new songs. Though I still have their old stuff on my iPod. What I do know is that Andy dóes have talent, just listen to their old stuff (for example: A Devil For Me, Hello My Hate, The Morticians Daughter, Knifes And Pens, etc.) I know it’s debatable, but to my opinion those are really great songs, love them. Maybe Andy just isn’t able to show his talents with this new band. Too bad. He shouldn’t have left the old BVB in the first place.

  12. Will says:

    I saw this tour in Louisville, KY. I gave Andy the finger because his band sucked.

    And this guy spends the entire show saying he doesn’t care if we hate him, and yet, when me, ONE GUY, gives him the finger, he dives off the stage staring at me, cussing me out at a part of his own song when he’s SUPPOSED to be singing, and threatening to kick my ass. I’m waving him back to me and continuing to flip him off and yelling back at him, and he just never really made it back there, in fact, his inevitably-wasted ass fell off the guard rail and went back onstage.

    They had a huge following here in Kentucky among the kiddos. I guess he was angry at me because it was the first show they’d played where anyone gave a fuck about them, and I had to remind him that the rest of the world hates his awful band and lame done-before schtick.

    Long live Black Veil Brides, a.k.a. The Davey Havok Five.

  13. Will says:

    Just because they’re wearing makeup doesn’t mean he couldn’t have kicked my ass. And just because he said that doesn’t mean he could, either.

    I considered going to their meet and greet, but I didn’t want to give up my spot for TBM.

  14. Majik says:

    I used to listen to the old BVB, and I was really into their old music. But I guess they changed a lot, with the band members and the music. But I still like them. I mean, Nate, I know that you used to be a part of BVB, but you “left”, so honestly I have no idea why you’re acting like such a fucking jerk now? No one’s asking you to go listen to them. If you like the old BVB, then listen to the old BVB. Honestly, if you dislike them as much as you guys do, then why don’t you actually go up to one of their concerts and tell them that, instead of sitting behind the safety of your computer screen and trashing them. Yea, I hear a lot of people say that they’re just like KISS, but honestly, all bands and singers have been influenced and taken others ideas and merged them with their own. I don’t hear many people saying anything about Lady Gaga, but when you look, she’s basically taken Cyndi Lauper & Marilyn Manson, and just merged it into her own character. So honestly, if you don’t like them, then don’t listen to them. And, just GET A LIFE. Can’t you think of ANYTHING better to do than to sit around all day trash-talking bands?

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