Romak, the lead singer of Romak and the Space Pirates has just released a new EP titled 3 Wishes For Romie with his new band simply named Romak. In this new 3 song EP, we get to see the softer side of Romie with enchanting vocals, often accompanied by Romie playing bass guitar. Also in the band is Rogie Lucero, who is a fellow Space Pirate on drums, Brian Evans playing everything from guitar to a melodica, and The Professor on keyboards.

Tracks include:
1. Move To a Separate Land
2. Bitches and Hoes
3. Understanding

The opening track “Move to a Separate Land” sets the tone for what’s to come, with entrancing vocals echoing between versus. I keep finding this one stuck in my head, which to me helps make it stand out from the crowd. The music video was shot and edited by Marianne Williams who also provided Photography for the EP cover (

For Romak’s first show and EP release party, the band played all three tracks from the EP as well as a couple of cover songs including Hole’s “Violet” and the hit rap song “Black and Yellow”. The set was as intimate as musical performances can get, in a tightly packed basement with the cutest little chihuahua in a lobster costume barking in approval.

Have your own little listening party by clicking the play button below.

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