The battle rages on the PS3 in Killzone 3. Picking up right after the events of Killzone 2, ISA soldiers Sev and Rico continue their battle with the Helgast in the aftermath of the death of Helgan dictator Scolar Visari while the Helgan senate struggles for power with weapons manufacturer Jorhan Stahl (voiced by Malcom McDowell), who has other plans for his weapons.

While Killzone 3’s main campaign may be a little short for some, it cuts out the lulls that plague some shooters and throws you right in. Aside from the main FPS combat perspective there is also vehicle combat and a stealth mission thrown in for good measure. The game will take you to different environments not seen before in the Killzone series which include the snow covered mountains and a Helgan forest. You will also find some new Helgast to deal with and new weapons to fight them with, including one that will remind players of District 9. The use of jetpacks is also introduced into the game, but they are disappointingly used minimally in one level.

The graphics in the game are top notch and the cinematic cut scenes keep you in the story. The game is more colorful compared to the very dark browns and grays of Killzone 2. Some of the language has also been toned down a bit from its predecessor. While the s and f-bombs are there, this time they are used sparingly and when it counts. The controls also feel smoother this time and more responsive. However, players will have to get used once again to the control scheme after getting used to the controls in games like Call of Duty.

Online play is just as fun and graphically stunning as the regular campaign. Everything runs as smoothly graphic-wise and is just as intense. The online multiplayer offers three types of games. First is the “Guerilla Warfare” team death match, which accommodates up to 16 players per map. After that is the “Warzone” which has 7 missions: two rounds of Assassination, Body Count, Capture and Hold, two rounds of Search and Destroy, and Search and Retrieve. “Warzone” offers up to 24 players per map. Finally, is the “Operations” mode which is has three missions: search and destroy, capture and hold, and scavenge and retrieve. “Operations” accommodates up to 16 players per map and shows cinematic scenes which vary on who comes out the victor. Much like CoD: Black Ops, there is a point system used for upgrades as opposed to the rank system used in Killzone 2’s online multiplayer. You are also able to choose what class of soldier you would like to be (medic, engineer, etc.). Players can also practice offline in the “Botzone” where they can set up matches with AI bots. A 2 player co-op campaign is available as well.

There are 3 ways to experience this game. There is always using the old-fashioned dualshock controller. However, for a more interactive experience Killzone 3 is compatible with the PlayStation Move (making it the first big core release to utilize it) and the new sharp shooter. It is also compatible with 3D televisions for an even more immersive experience.

Overall Killzone 3 is a very fun and intense experience from beginning to end. So count on dying…a lot. However, not all is lost when being killed or on the verge of it. Players can be revived in combat by their fellow soldiers, unlike before where only you were able to revive them leaving you in the combat dust if shot.

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