Like so many of Nicolas Cage’s recent movies, Drive Angry flew in below the radar and remained there. However, unlike Season of the Witch, Drive Angry is a film that deserves to be seen and praised. This action packed Grindhouse style movie takes you on a wild ride where Nic Cage’s character, John Milton, escapes from hell to track down a Satanist cult who murdered his daughter and plan on sacrificing his infant granddaughter in their effort to bring hell to earth. The murderous cult is lead by Jonah King, the man who personally killed Milton’s daughter when she revealed she wanted to leave the cult. Milton promises that his next beer would be drank from Milton’s skull and lets nothing get in his way of making that a reality.

What about the driving angry?!! Well the movie lives up to it’s name with plenty of it once Milton meets up with a bombsell of a Florida local named Piper (Amber Heard) who owns a ’69 Dodge Charger. Together they set out on their mission on hunting down Jonah and his cult with an “out of this world” gun at Milton’s side. Milton and Piper soon learn that they aren’t only being tailed by cops in their pursuit but by a quirky man, who is also straight out of hell and out take Milton back with him. This man calls himself The Accountant who is brilliantly portrayed by William Fichtner. The movie is full of comedic undertones and The Accountant brings even more humor with his insults and his ability to swiftly kill without getting a spec of dirt or blood on his Hugo Boss suit. In one scene he crashes a hydrogen truck into a crowd while casually stepping onto the hood of a cop car without even breaking a sweat. He reminded me a lot of the Agents in the Matrix, but with a unique twist.

I haven’t even mentioned the 3D yet, which was incredible. The movie was actually shot in 3D and not tacked on as an after thought or visible only in certain scenes. The 3D is visibly present throughout and really brings you into the movie. I’d say it’s the best 3D I’ve seen since Avatar and it’s actually the most entertaining movie I’ve seen all year. Take a look at this trailer

One of the most outrageous scenes from the movie is where Cage takes out a bunch of men in a hotel room, while simultaneously boning a naked chick, smoking a cigar and drinking a bottle of Jack… Yeah. Seriously, go see this movie! There are plenty of WTF moments you’ll be talking about afterward.

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  1. BJones says:

    If this doesn’t get an Oscar, the whole award show is pointless. This was a masterpiece. The bedroom scene alone was worth the price of admission. Seeing a nearly bald, out of his mind Nic Cage wearing sunglasses at night, smoking a giant cigar, holding a bottle of jack in his right, a gun in his left and fucking a waitress he just met at the “Bull by the Balls” bar DURING the middle of a gun fight with cops powered by a demonic accountant, was one of the highlights of my life.

    Nothing I ever do will be that cool, but I accept that with a calm humility, knowing that Nic Cage is out there, flying on the wings of our 12 year old boy dreams.

    God bless you Nic Cage.

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