Ogre and Mark Walk (both from Skinny Puppy) have once again come together for ohGr’s latest studio album “unDeveloped.”  While more a little lighter in terms of hard beats, there is still enough there for the Gothic gloom and doom for Skinny Puppy fans while being just enough for new fans and people looking for something unique to listen to.

The opening tracks “101” and “Crash” (which was written in reaction to the death Michael Jackson and the US healthcare debate) stand out as the most Gothic/Industrial-friendly.  Along with very eerie intros, they offer some very hard pulse-pounding  beats and will no doubt be heard at the local goth club.  While “Pissage” is a straight up catchy dark track that will have you listening to more than once.

“Comedown” is where Ogre and Walk being to take things down a bit.  Much like the rest of the album, it has more of an Electro-Pop influence rather than Industrial.  However, the songs are just as catchy and dark in tone.  Throughout “unDeveloped” the listener can definitely hear the influence Ogre has had on the many Gothic/Industrial bands that have followed bands like Skinny Puppy through the years.   Both old and new fans alike (even if they are not Skinny Puppy fans) will enjoy the album which offers both ends of the Gothic/Industrial spectrum.

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