Fans looking for their Birthday Massacre fix can find it in the new EP titled Imaginary Monsters.  With 3 new songs, 5 remixes and the music video for In the Dark, there is plenty for the Birthday Massacre to be satisfied with until the next full album.

The 3 new tracks are titled Forever, Burn Away, and Left Behind. The three tracks were not competed in time to be included on Pins and Needles, but don’t expect them to just be throw away tracks.They all have the dark/heavy/melodic vibe found on their critically acclaimed previous work. The band has always been able to keep that perfect balance of heavy and melodic, as well as keeping the listener immersed in a twisted world of dark fantasies and fairy tales. While Pins and Needles was a great album with all the right elements, these tracks really compliment it. In a way, they also give a sense of completion.

Some well known names in the world of Industrial music have contributed to the 5 remixes included on the Imaginary Monsters. Kevvy Mental and Dave Ogilvie (who also helped produce Walking With Strangers) of the band Jakalope give a more electronic twist on the song Pale. Following that is tweaker’s remix of Control that is indeed that, tweaked, with most of the guitars replaced with synth. SKOLD offers up a slowed down mix of Pins and Needles while Combichrist and Assemblage 23 offer their takes on Shallow Grave. While both mixes are catchy and easy to dance to (if that’s your thing), Assemblage 23’s mix really feels like an electronic heavy re-imagining where Combichrist’s mix takes what is there and adds a few things.

As mentioned before, there is plenty to keep Birthday Massacre fans satisfied until the next album is released. Be sure to catch The Birthday Massacre on tour with Dir En Grey in December and hopefully a headlining tour of their own will follow soon after that.

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