After a 10 year absence, the Men in Black franchise has returned to the big screen.  This outing is an improvement over the critically panned Men in Black 2, but something still feels like it is missing.

The story begins with Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) picking up where they left off, keeping aliens in check on Earth.  However, a notorious one armed criminal known as “Boris The Animal” (played by Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement) has broken out of his prison and seeks revenge on K for putting him away and shooting off his arm.  Boris’ solution is to travel back to 1969 and murder K which would also prevent him from stopping an invasion of Earth from Boris’ species.  Now Agent J must travel back to 1969 and stop Boris from carrying out his plan.  Aiding J is a younger version of K (Josh Brolin) and a seemingly psychic alien known as Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg).

Josh Brolin’s depiction of the younger Agent K is the highlight of the film.  His depiction as Tommy Lee Jones’ deadpan character is pretty much dead on.  Also, the special effects are stunning to look at and there is more of a concentration on action.  The story focus this time around is more on just Agents J & K rather than all the alien characters around them or other MIB agents.  It starts out very slow, but picks up a bit when we reach 1969 with Agent J.  There is a good twist at the end though that brings movies around full circle.

Men in Black 3′s overall tone is much darker than the 2 previous movies.  Clement’s character of Boris is a lot more vicious than the other MIB antagonists and is seemingly more violent.  There seemed to be more deaths (mostly head shots) in this movie than you would expect from the franchise.  While there is still the comedy element, it seems to fall flat most of the time with many recycled jokes.  As noted before, it has many of the elements to be a great summer movie but it just falls flat.  Something about it seems uninspired, even lethargic.  Even Tommy Lee Jones seems to not even want to be there while Will Smith seems to just be walking through his role to get to the end.

Men in Black 3 is also being released in 3D, but it really does not add to the experience.  Viewers can save themselves a couple of bucks and check out the standard version.  They won’t be missing out on anything.  Fans of the Men in Black franchise will find more joy in the movie, but others may want to check it out on DVD.

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