Canadian rockers The Birthday Massacre were planning on beginning their tour to promote the new album “Hide and Seek” this September, but the tour will have to be postponed a couple of months.  Here is an official statement regarding the situation from lead singer Chibi’s Facebook page:

“Hi everyone, here’s something kind of important.

We’d started planning a tour to begin in September and going into October – some US and Canada shows, then Mexico at the end. I’m sure some of you guys caught wind of that. And now that has changed, and here’s why:

A few months ago I started noticing something was wrong with my voice. I’ve been sounding very raspy and hoarse. While we were recording Hide&Seek this became a little problematic at times – I was getting very frustrated at myself, and sometimes we’d have to call it a day and let me rest my voice after recording, which isn’t something that normally happens. I was getting freaked out.

I went to the doctor and it turns out I have polyps on my vocal cords. This isn’t anything dangerous and it’s very common for singers, vocal actors, etc – people who use their voices a lot. It happened sometime after the last tour, I’m not sure when. They put me on some medication in hopes that it would heal – and that hasn’t happened, so I have to go in for surgery. And the surgery isn’t going to happen until sometime in September. And then I have to heal from it. And that’s why the tour couldn’t start in September as planned.

But! Hopefully all should be well by the end of October, so it looks like our FIRST date of tour will be in Mexico, with US and Canada dates to follow. We’ll start announcing shows very shortly!

I really hate having to postpone things. The whole situation has me pretty bummed out and nervous (who likes having medical procedures done!? Nobody). There’s also this horrible tube they shove up your nose and down your throat so that they can see your vocal cords. It’s no fun. I’m also seeing a speech therapist so that when we get back on tour, this won’t happen again.

I’ll keep everyone posted as to what’s going on. :) I hope y’all had a good weekend and keep an eye open for tour dates!”

The Birthday Massacre’s new album, Hide and Seek, will be released October 9th and it can be pre-ordered at From everyone here at Flash Flood Media we wish Chibi a safe surgery and a quick recovery.

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