The Birthday Massacre has returned with their latest album Hide and Seek.  While the album retains the band’s signature sound, this time around there is an even darker more melodic feel.

Hide and Seek kicks off with Leaving Tonight, which sets the aforementioned darker feel to the album.  The first single Down is loaded with heavy guitars and and even more aggressive vocals on the chorus.  Down is balanced out though with Chibi’s signature serene vocals.  It is reminiscent of something off of Walking With Strangers.  The track Calling is one also that sticks out.  With its modern new wave sound it could be played along side bands like Depeche Mode.  Also, the track One Promise is bit of a faster paced electronic based track that will keep fans of the previous album happy.  While the tracks like Play With Fire, In This Moment, and Alibis show a more deliberate pace to go along with the darker melodic direction, the album does not isolate fans who came to love more of their more electronic/dance like sound.  The band’s signature dream-like dark fantasy feeling and sound is still present throughout the album.

Hide and Seek is not Pins and Needles 2, and that is a good thing.  While that album was loved by fans, it is good to not just do the same album over and over.  Every band needs to evolve, and The Birthday Massacre does so while being able to leave fans old and new satisfied.

Hide and Seek will be available through the Metropolis Records website, Itunes, Amazon, and other major retail outlets.  The Birthday Massacre will also be embarking on a tour in support of the album from late October to early December.

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