Disney has turned its animated eyes to the world of video games in the form of Wreck-It Ralph.  Starring John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, and Jack McBrayer; Wreck-It Ralph is an animated film that both entertains and pays tribute to video games and their fans.

“I’M GONNA WRECK IT!”  Video game bad guy Wreck-It Ralph has been saying that for the past 30 years in his home arcade game “Fix It Felix Jr.”  However, one day Ralph wonders if that is all there is and sets out to figure it out for himself.  Crossing over into some different games Ralph comes into contact with characters such as the battle-hardened Sergeant Calhoun (Lynch) and the hyper, yet sweet, candy car racer Venellope von Schweetz (Silverman).  All the while Ralph is pursued by his co-worker/rival Fix It Felix Jr. (McBrayer) who needs to get Ralph back to his own game before the fate of their game and other games of the arcade are put into great danger.

Characters from many different video game franchises (both new and classic) are seen through out the film. As mentioned before, the film does not go out of its way to insult or degrade video games or their fans.  It seems obvious that the people who worked on the film either are either gamers themselves or really did their research.  You will be able to find many easter eggs and inside gamer jokes hidden through out the gaming world.  However, casual and non-gamers are not left out.  There are still very engaging visuals along with a great story to back them up.

The creators did go into great detail when it came to the characters.  You will find older characters moving around much like they would in their games, while the more modern characters move in a more HD kind of way.  Wreck-It Ralph is also available in both 2D and 3D formats.  The 3D is highly recommended for a film like this.  It really helps bring the gaming world to life for the viewers.

Wreck-It Ralph is rated PG for some fantasy violence and intense visuals.  Featured before is Paperman, a black & white animated short about a lonely businessman trying to get the attention of the girl of his dreams. It is a short that takes a very simple concept, yet cleverly makes it engaging and satisfying to the audience.  So be sure to get in the theater early for an extra animated treat.

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