KMFDM, the German pioneers of the Ultra-Heavy Beat, are back with their latest album KUNST (German for “art”).  The band’s latest effort is a full on assault with a harmonious balance of Industrial, Electronica, and even some Metal elements for good measure.  When asked about the title, founder Sascha Konietzko said, “I am gambling on the inability of some people to pronounce it correctly and instead calling it KUNTS.”

The opening and title track “KUNST” kicks the album into high gear and it doesn’t slow down from there.  It also serves as a brief history of KMFDM and even takes a little jab at the “Kill Motherfucking Depeche Mode” rumor that has stuck with the band for years.  For fans of the heavy side the aforementioned title track along with Quake, Next Big Thing, and Pseudocide really hit you over the head.  Meanwhile for fans of the band’s electronic side the tracks Ave Maria and Animal Out will really satisfy.  It all makes for an album the listener will not grow tired of.

The album’s cover art was not without controversy as it was removed by Facebook administrators on their page.  Created by long time collaborator Aidan Hughes, it depicts a topless Amazon woman cutting down a cross with a chainsaw.  The cover was made in support of Russian Punk band Pussy Riot (the song of the same name on the album is also tribute and show of solidarity) as well as Ukranian protest group FEMEN.  It is also another way to express the band’s refusal to compromise their music or their message.

Even after 30 years of making music, KMFDM has managed to stay at the forefront of the Industrial music scene.  With their ability to mix different elements of musical genres along with their strong beliefs, they continue to amaze and catch everyone off guard.  KUNST is no different.  This album is their way of saying, “we aren’t going anywhere…deal with it!”

KUNST is in stores now and is available on Amazon, iTunes, and all other major outlets.  KMFDM will be coming stateside in March in support of the album.

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