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Last night marked the debut of Michael C. Hall as a director for season 2 episode 8 of Showtime’s Dexter. I was very fortunate to be at a screening of the episode at L.A.’s New Beverly Cinema with Michael C. Hall in attendance along with a few other creators of the series. Fans cheered over the opening credits and especially when seeing Hall’s director credit grace the screen.

Dexter Wrap Up Podcast Live

I must say that I enjoyed this episode much more than ones from the most recent seasons, with the acception of some huge developmental episodes from season 7. He took some creative liberties without straying from the tone of the current season. My favorite shot, and an audience favorite as well, was the overhead expansive shot of the skatepark where Miami Metro is arriving at the scene of another one of the newly dubbed Brain Surgen‘s victims lying dead center. It was very much a tip of the hat to the first crime scene we see in season 1 where Dexter approaches the dead body of an Ice Truck Killer victim with awe and wonder filling his eyes.

Hall also had the joy of directing James Remar (Aka, Dexter’s father Harry) for an old video of him talking to Dr. Evelyn Vogel (portrayed by the talented Charlotte Rampling) about Dexter’s behavior at age 10. It was great to see Harry Morgan making an appearance outside of being Dexter’s conscious and voice of reason. Hall describes the interaction of Harry with Dr. Vogel as “Finding out Harry was not some hard and fast fountain of knowledge and was, himself, human”.

This episode also shows Dexter reaching out to a maternal figure for the first time when confiding in Dr. Vogel. Just like anyone else, Dexter seeks acceptance and Vogel is there to give that to him and show him how he fits within society. I hope that leads to Dexter no-longer being shamed by what he is, but once again embracing it.

Dexter's chair for the podcast hosted by Scott Reynolds

Dexter’s chair for the podcast hosted by Scott Reynolds

My shoulder with Dexter Signing a badge replica I won.

My shoulder with Dexter Signing a badge replica I won.

At the showing they gave everyone a gift bag with season 7 DVD’s, a t-shirt, a syringe pen, and I was lucky enough to get a winning ticket for a free prize. I received a replica of Dexter’s season 1 badge. You can buy similar replicas from Cloned Replicas, great if your putting together a costume or like to collect.

My prize badge replica

My prize badge replica, signed by Michael C. Hall



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