Pacific Rim hit theatres today and if you see it at Regal Cinemas, they are giving out free posters designed by artist Yoji Shinkawa. Like I really needed another reason to go see this movie, the battle scenes alone look reason enough.



About the artist:

Yoji Shinkawa joined KONAMI in 1994. He soon caught the eye of Hideo Kojima with his unique artistic sense and was named the Lead Character and Mech Artist for the METAL GEAR SOLID Series in 1998. He was also in charge of the Mech design for ZONE OF THE ENDERS (2001) and ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2^nd RUNNER (2003). In 2004, he participated in the production of “GODZILLA: FINAL WARS” as the Mech Designer.

Currently, he is in production as the Art Director of METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN.

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