The To-Do List, starring Aubrey Plaza, opens this weekend and offers up a rather familiar plot that we’ve seen in such movies as American Pie and “Porky’s”, but not often do we see it from a girl’s perspective.Set in the 90′s, it follows a valedictorian as she’s about to embark on her college life, but in order to get a leg up when it comes to sexual exploration that college life entails, she decides to approach it as if studying for the SAT’s. She makes a list of all of the sexual activities she wishes to participate in before having her V-card taken away in college. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s one I’m looking forward to. I’m told to think of it as Tracey Flick from the cult movie, Election, but in a different scenario and with a touch more awkwardness.

College Humor takes us on a visit to the set where they asked the cast about their own sex fantasies:

Watch as Aubrey gets a visit from her aunt Debra while on set:

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