During Comic-Con weekend, Francis and I were able to talk to the voice over actors and creator of Adventure Time! Check out our interviews with Hynden Walch who plays the Bubblegum Princess, Olivia Olson who plays Marceline the Vampire Queen and of course, Jeremy Shada, the voice of Finn the Read More

During Comic Con 2011 Flash Flood Media was able to conduct a one on one interview with author and creator Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) to discuss his part in the upcoming Vampires vs. Zombies episode of Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV.  Niles also discussed some upcoming projects.  Read More

One of my favorite things to do during Comic Con is to hit up all the Gaslamp bars and get my drink on. Another thing I love is Batman. You can imagine my joy when both of these worlds collided as we stumbled out of an Irish Pub to see Batman chilling out with a drink (or two). The interview Read More

We were a little disappointed to find out that there was going to be no It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel at Comic-Con this year but hopefully this interview will help ease the pain for those that felt they were lacking their much needed dose of the comedy gang. If it still doesn't fill that void, the new season is just around the corner.