After a 10 year absence, the Men in Black franchise has returned to the big screen.  This outing is an improvement over the critically panned Men in Black 2, but something still feels like it is missing. The story begins with Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) picking up where they Read More

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Like so many of Nicolas Cage’s recent movies, Drive Angry flew in below the radar and remained there. However, unlike Season of the Witch, Drive Angry is a film that deserves to be seen and praised. This action packed Grindhouse style movie takes you on a wild ride where Nic Cage’s Read More

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Get spanked with justice in EA's new comedic action RPG title DeathSpank for Xbox Live and Playstation Network

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The original Crackdown was literally crack for me. I knew deep down that the game wasn’t good for me, but I still would spend hours climbing buildings and looking for orbs while throwing buses at random thugs. I was surprised by the announcement of the sequel, and pleased to hear they ramped Read More

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“5 o’clock, bitch raping time” – latest Predator catchphrase If you are a manly man like me, you enjoyed the hell out of Predator. It was nothing but macho men doing manly things and being bad asses. An entire cast of baby oiled muscles shooting and cursing and coming up with classic Read More

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Willem Dafoe is a vampire hunter who used to be a vampire, working with Ethan Hawke who is still a vampire, to find a way to stop vampires from eating mankind into extinction. The premise for this movie is interesting, the setting, the characters and the way it is displayed to us is amazing. Read More

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