I recently got the chance to visit the US headquarters of Konami, here in El Segundo to talk about their new DLC titles available for the Wii, PS3, Xbox and maybe the PC and then a few DS titles and some other stuff. It was a pretty special day for the media, everyone was invited to check out the Read More

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The great city of Anaheim recently held the 3rd or 4th annual BlizzCon! A gathering of fans from all over the world crawled out of their caves to celebrate the titles of Blizzard Software, mainly World of WarCraft, Diablo and StarCraft. Fans eagerly awaited the announcement of World of StarCraft Read More

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There is nothing in this world that deserves a brutal beating more then a Nazi. You can’t fault any violence against them because they are the prefect targets for righteous vengeance. You can object to killing zombies, because they are the bodies of possible loved ones and deserve respect. You Read More

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We’ll be attending this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo held June 2nd – 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. E3 is the premiere expo for seeing what’s new in the game industry. To learn more about E3, please visit www.e3expo.com Read More

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Back when Resident Evil 5 was announced they showed some screen shots of a white man slaughtering a bunch of insane looking Africans. Oddly enough the world took offense at the idea that a game taking place in Africa would have African zombies in it, but the wizards at Capcom decided that the Read More

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Who plays the Watchmen? Not me, that’s for sure. As a long time fan of the comic and one of the few who didn’t sperg out at the movie not being a 7 hour long literal translation of the comic, I don’t worry too much when I heard Warner Brothers was making a simple beat’em up for digital Read More

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Awhile back a game called Blue Dragon was released for the Xbox 360. It was a pretty solid role playing game from the creators of Final Fantasy and DragonBall. Obviously this means the title took on a Japanese approach to RPG meaning a less open ended world and strict focus on plot. A JRPG Read More

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“You got your dungeons and dragons in my bejeweled!” I like going on quests, I like solving puzzles, I like hitting things with battle axes and when I feel like it, rending the flesh off my foes with brilliant magic. I’ve played RPG titles like Fallout, Morrowind, Baulder’s Gate and Read More

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