After an extensive hiatus, Trent Reznor has released his first new Nine Inch Nails single in the form of Came Back Haunted.  It is also the first single off of the upcoming NIN album titled Hesitation Marks, which is scheduled to be released September 3.  Came Back Haunted is now available for Read More

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KMFDM, the German pioneers of the Ultra-Heavy Beat, are back with their latest album KUNST (German for “art”).  The band’s latest effort is a full on assault with a harmonious balance of Industrial, Electronica, and even some Metal elements for good measure.  When asked about Read More

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While working on the follow up to their album Making Monsters, Combichrist was also at work on the official soundtrack to Capcom’s reboot of their Devil May Cry series.  The soundtrack may not be as electronic as previous works, but it is still has a very heavy and brutal sound with a Read More

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The Grove in Anaheim fell under the spell of the Ultra-Heavy Beat this past weekend as KMFDM brought their tour to Orange County along with 16 Volt and Army of the Universe. 16 Volt were the first to take the stage on this night. They had a pretty significant amount of fans anticipating their Read More

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Gothic/Industrial favorites Combichrist have returned with their latest album Making Monsters. With song titles such as Throat Full of Glass and Fuckmachine; you know to not expect any Bubblegum Pop here. This album is a combination of unforgiving Industrial beats, unrelenting heavy guitars, and Read More

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Hoodoo Engine is a demon fueled express ride through the undecipherable hell we call reality and a star spun collusion of like-minded weirdopaths, each a experienced master in their own right. Their first musical offering, a self-produced nine track album entitled “EGOWHORE” puts the Read More

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