Ever wish that there was something decently interesting to listen to on the radio? Electronic music that is interesting, interviews with musicians you actually care about, subcultures and trends that are fresh… Well, there is! Bazooka Joe, the owner, DJ, and host of Solipsistic Nation, Read More

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The vampires from Helsinki, The 69 Eyes have returned to the US to tour in support their latest release, Back In Blood. Flash Flood Media had the chance to catch up with drummer Jussi69 at a recent show at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California.

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We were a little disappointed to find out that there was going to be no It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel at Comic-Con this year but hopefully this interview will help ease the pain for those that felt they were lacking their much needed dose of the comedy gang. If it still doesn't fill that void, the new season is just around the corner.

This year marked creative movie director Tim Burton's first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con International and it was much anticipated. He offered us all a look at his upcoming films, Alice in Wonderland as well as the animated feature, 9.

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Brian interviews Tim Schafer, creator of the new heavey metal themed game "Brutal Legend" staring Jack Black. Tim Schafer is also behind other great games including Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Currently he's running Double Fine, his own game company.

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