After an extensive hiatus, Trent Reznor has released his first new Nine Inch Nails single in the form of Came Back Haunted.  It is also the first single off of the upcoming NIN album titled Hesitation Marks, which is scheduled to be released September 3.  Came Back Haunted is now available for Read More

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While working on the follow up to their album Making Monsters, Combichrist was also at work on the official soundtrack to Capcom’s reboot of their Devil May Cry series.  The soundtrack may not be as electronic as previous works, but it is still has a very heavy and brutal sound with a Read More

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August 11th, 2012 – Thinkture & Haley Butcher Org. presents Thinkture Festival in Long Beach, CA. This was a Kickstarter supported festival featuring live music and art. Music by Bella Novela. Special thanks to Suzanne “Zerne” for getting us out there and being the co-host Read More

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This past week had held within itself the holy grail of metal shows to see this year.  Opeth and Mastodon have begun their 2012 North American tour, and on April 26 they crushed the Gibson Ampitheatre stage in front of countless fans. The night started early with special guest openers Ghost Read More

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Still the Sky’s Limit is a 3 piece band based out of Orange County, California.  They have a rapidly growing fanbase and have played many of the major venues in the LA/Orange County area along with a West Coast tour and stops at South by Southwest.  This past weekend was no exception as Read More

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Ogre and Mark Walk (both from Skinny Puppy) have once again come together for ohGr’s latest studio album “unDeveloped.”  While more a little lighter in terms of hard beats, there is still enough there for the Gothic gloom and doom for Skinny Puppy fans while being just enough for new fans Read More

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One of our very own writers, Taylor Shechet (aka [tlr]) is also a talented musical artist who mixes a variety of genres to produce a unique sound. Aside from playing bass for RoMak & the Space Pirates, he’s launched his own project NVR-NDR, which has just released a new album titled Read More

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Romak, the lead singer of Romak and the Space Pirates has just released a new EP titled 3 Wishes For Romie with his new band simply named Romak. In this new 3 song EP, we get to see the softer side of Romie with enchanting vocals, often accompanied by Romie playing bass guitar. Also in the band Read More

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