Tepr is the stage name of electro producer, remix artist and keyboard player, Tanguy Destable. Fans of Justice, Major Lazer and electronic dance music in general would do well to familiarize themselves with this modest French gentleman. Although Tepr is most well known internationally for his Read More

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I caught up with the spicy twins for a interview. If you are in the LA area, be sure to check out their show November 19th. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Taylor: Hi, we’re here with Ming & Ping. Hi Ming, hi Ping. Ming: Hello. Ping: Hello mate. T: People probably mix you guys Read More

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I was recently able to sit down with Liz Enthusiasm, the lead singer of synth pop band Freezepop. Freezepop were in the middle of touring the west coast along with the spicy twins, Ming and Ping and Aerodrone when I caught up with Liz in Los Angeles just before a show. You can listen to the Read More

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Missed seeing Depeche Mode during their “Tour of the Universe”? Or perhaps you just want to remember the experience of seeing Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andrew Fletcher at one of their 102 shows spanning 50 countries. Well, Depeche Mode are releasing “Tour of the Universe Read More

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What comes to mind when you think of The Birthday Massacre? Maybe it’s the heavy, unforgiving guitars. Maybe it’s the dreamy synths. Maybe it’s the immense contrast between the two that grabs your attention. Whatever the reason their music catches your ear, it’s undeniable that they have Read More

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Hoodoo Engine is a demon fueled express ride through the undecipherable hell we call reality and a star spun collusion of like-minded weirdopaths, each a experienced master in their own right. Their first musical offering, a self-produced nine track album entitled “EGOWHORE” puts the Read More

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Tuesday night at the Key Club Hollywood, The Birthday Massacre opened up for the heavy metal band Otep. I was a little skeptical about the reception that the synthrock band would get among a crowd of heavy metal and death metal fans, but it turned out to be a welcomed one. They were a nice break Read More

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