Ogre and Mark Walk (both from Skinny Puppy) have once again come together for ohGr’s latest studio album “unDeveloped.”  While more a little lighter in terms of hard beats, there is still enough there for the Gothic gloom and doom for Skinny Puppy fans while being just enough for new fans Read More

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Romak, the lead singer of Romak and the Space Pirates has just released a new EP titled 3 Wishes For Romie with his new band simply named Romak. In this new 3 song EP, we get to see the softer side of Romie with enchanting vocals, often accompanied by Romie playing bass guitar. Also in the band Read More

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Tony Millionaire is a man who knows how to write and draw. If that isn't worth your money, what is? He also enjoys drinking and making his characters drink until he feels better about his own drinking. If I could go to a bar with any writer, it would be him. Followed by the guy that wrote the Karma Sutra, he seems like good bar company too.

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Hoodoo Engine is a demon fueled express ride through the undecipherable hell we call reality and a star spun collusion of like-minded weirdopaths, each a experienced master in their own right. Their first musical offering, a self-produced nine track album entitled “EGOWHORE” puts the Read More

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Baby Giraffes are born from the depths of Hack the Music message board apathy and midwest boredom. Like chronically lactating lazer zombies, zapping their nipple lazers in all directions without any regard for human life or decency, they spread their message of love and peace. LOVE AND Read More

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Captain Ahab has been blowing my mind since 2008, when I was explaining my passionate love of over the top music to my friend Marianne Williams and she popped “After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams” into her CD player. viagra en ligne The dramatically titled album is Captain Read More

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Cindergarden is primary music alias of Jaymie Valentine. Ms. Valentine has been distilling her uniquely dark brew of music since 2006, and produced two critically acclaimed full-length albums, “Underground Light Machine” and “The Clandestine Experiment”. Each album Read More

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