Let me be upfront about something: I’m a fan of Joss Whedon. I have always enjoyed his tales, from “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” to “Firefly”. I always found his stories to be captivating and his characters loveable… even the bad guys. I don’t know what it is about his style, but Read More

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You won’t find his music in stores. But many a electronic musician has heard the name of Protman as they wander the endless digital netherworld known as the internet. Not to be confused with PROTOMAN (Megaman’s older brother), Protman is primarily known for one thing. He makes Read More

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Through the power of Netflix for XBox, I am able to instantly stream movies I would have probably otherwise never seen as well as those that I just shouldn’t see. Among those that shouldn’t be seen is one of Brittany Murphy’s last films, The Ramen Girl. Now I know this movie Read More

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Sometimes music can leap in to one's life quite unexpectedly. I was hanging out at HM157 on the night of December 12th, chilling in the Church of Fashion with KtB, writing music while she worked on sewing the glorious pizza skirt. I did not know that there was a show that night. When some people showed up with musical equipment, we deduced that they were bands. After introducing ourselves briefly, Kt and I headed out back.

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Baseck and Sonic Death Rabbit are familiar names to many denizens of the subterranean LA breakcore/gabber/dubstep scene. SDR and Baseck have been rocking LA’s socks off for years, and several excellent LA Weekly articles already exist on the subject. The “Creatures” album has Read More

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Harry Robert Tucker IV, AKA Owl Challenger, formerly known as Pygmy Guru is a incredibly skilled 20 year old experimental electronic musician currently residing in Matawan, New Jersey. His style varies greatly song to song, and even more so from album to album. Head-bobbing beats and other Read More

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The best kind of games are the ones where you find yourself saying, one more level, one more turn, one more quest, one more hour and before you know it, you look at the clock with bloodshot eyes and see that its 5 in the morning and you should get ready for work. Borderlands (available now for Read More

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