M·A·C Cosmetics kicks-off the start of San Diego Comic-Con with a special event at their Gaslamp store with celebrated American comic book artist and illustrator, Dan Parent of the famed Archie Comics series, which introduced the world to beloved fictional teenagers Archie, Jughead, Betty and Read More

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Wearable cat ears have been popular for years mostly within the anime community but what if your cat ears could move to reflect your mood? Now, leading Japan based biosensor company, NeuroSky, is launching cat ears that do just that! Necomimi is a new cat ear headband popularized in Japan Read More

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Saturday at Comic-Con 2011, MONOPOLY® unveiled their new Futurama Collector’s Edition game. Fans of the hit animated series got sneek peek of the game at Fox’s booth. This marks the first time that Monopoly gets the Futurama treatment, thrusting the classic board game into the 31st Read More

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One of my favorite things to do during Comic Con is to hit up all the Gaslamp bars and get my drink on. Another thing I love is Batman. You can imagine my joy when both of these worlds collided as we stumbled out of an Irish Pub to see Batman chilling out with a drink (or two). The interview Read More

Jigsaw has been dead for the past few Saw movies now, right? Yet he still manages to put people to the test and brutally kill them despite that minor detail. The man can’t get any deader but somehow his legacy lives on in the upcoming Saw 3D movie, which has released this stunning 3D poster Read More

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